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I have contended that married women slowly come to find their husbands less sexually desirable because marriage tames men. Now a study shows that I have the cause and effect at least partially correct:

Researchers have long argued that marriage generally reduces illegal and aggressive behaviors in men. It remained unclear, however, if that association was a function of matrimony itself or whether less “antisocial” men were simply more likely to get married.

The answer, according to a new study led by a Michigan State University behavior geneticist, appears to be both.

In the December issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry, online today, S. Alexandra Burt and colleagues found that less antisocial men were more likely to get married. Once they were wed, however, the marriage itself appeared to further inhibit antisocial behavior.

If you want to keep your marriage hot and heavy, maintain a dark triad edge: think highly of yourself, break the rules, and occasionally lie for the hell of it. She’ll swoon all over again.


Adding another piece to the ovulatory cycle puzzle, researchers have found that women with beta partners fantasize about masculine men when they’re fertile, but women with alpha partners do not.

When their romantic partners are not quintessentially masculine, women in their fertile phase are more likely to fantasize about masculine-looking men than are women paired with George Clooney types.

But women with masculine-looking partners do not necessarily become more attracted to their partners, a recent study co-authored by a University of Colorado at Boulder researcher concludes.

This supports the theory that alpha males can afford to slip up and act beta once in a while without suffering the same consequences that a diehard betaboy would. The infrequent beta backslide won’t help the alpha, but it won’t hurt him either. So if you are a beta, you had better ramp up your asshole game during your lover’s fertility window.

The same study shows that idiocracy is in full effect:

Meanwhile, a man’s intelligence has no effect on the extent to which fertile, female partners fantasize about others, the researchers found. They say the lack of an observed “fertility effect” related to intelligence is puzzling.

It should be no surprise to anyone who’s lived a day that a disconcertingly high number of naturals are also some of the dumbest men. Living outside your head like an animal running on instinct does wonders for your game.


As if feminism needed to be discredited even further:

Here, we present the first evidence of sex differences in use of play objects in a wild primate, in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). We find that juveniles tend to carry sticks in a manner suggestive of rudimentary doll play and, as in children and captive monkeys, this behavior is more common in females than in males.

To be a self-proclaimed feminist today is akin to proudly announcing your membership in the Flat Earth Society. The rancid, dimwitted ideology fuels itself strictly on feel-good emotions.


Remember all that brouhaha about marriage being good for a man’s health? It’s bullshit.

Long relationships – not necessarily marriage – key to good health.

Men and women who are in relationships for longer than five years are less likely to be depressed, to consider or attempt suicide, or to be dependent on alcohol or drugs, it was found.

It is well known that people who are married lead healthier lives and live longer but it was not known if the effect was the same for those cohabiting.

The study in the British Journal of Psychiatry examined 1,000 people living in New Zealand by a team at University of Otago.

It was found that longer relationships were associated with lower rates of mental health problems.

Haters often stumble onto the Chateau grounds and run around in circles like headless chickens accusing the proprietors of advocating a pump and dump lifestyle. Their lack of reading comprehension, combined with their compulsion to wish the worst motives of their enemies, leads them into a patchwork of lies and self-deceit. Even a cursory reading of the posts here should tell them that no host at the Chateau denigrates LTRs. We save the denigration for marriage. While pump and dumps are excellent appetizers, the love and intimacy of a relationship is a pleasure unto itself.


Social constructivists and cultural hegemonists often engage in the logical fallacy of “where’s the gene?” missing link-ism. That is, they like to claim that since no one gene has yet been found to affect, say, intelligence, it must be the case that intelligence is not primarily genetically influenced. But evidence shows that multiple genes act in concert to produce single human traits.

As much as 90 percent of variation in adult height may be caused by genetic inheritance, but a multitude of genes are involved. Most of these have yet to be discovered.

Now a new meta-analysis of data from more than 100,000 people has identified variants in over two dozen genes that were not previously associated with height. The study also confirmed genetic associations in more than 30 previously known height genes.

If multiple synchronizing genes are needed to affect a relatively simple trait like height, it stands to reason that a veritable smorgasbord of genes influence brain architecture in ways we have barely begun to unravel. David Brooks wept.


Married women lose interest in sex because their husbands become — to put it succinctly — emasculated.

In this study, the authors conducted open-ended interviews with 19 married women who had lost desire in their marriage and asked what causal attributions they made for their loss of sexual desire and what barriers they perceived to be blocking its reinstatement. Three core themes emerged from the data, all of which represented forces dragging down on sexual desire in the present sample: (a) institutionalization of the relationship, (b) over-familiarity, and (c) the de-sexualization of roles in these relationships. Interpersonal and intrapersonal sexual dynamics featured more prominently than did relationship problems in women’s attributions.

Reread this study for the full implication. Decades of milquetoasty marriage counselor and couples therapist advice exposed for the feminist orthodoxy sham it is in a single blow! Luckily, since you are a reader of this esteemed blog dedicated to the pursuit of truth no matter how unsavory, you already know that the way to rescue a failing marriage is to learn and apply game the same as you would to girls if you were a single man on the prowl.

Chicks, married or not, dig gender polarity. They want you to be unpredictable, unavailable and untamed. Marriage by its nature works against those three alpha male traits, eventually robbing the wife of her id-oiled desire to consume her husband’s cock. Much like a wife who gets fat, a husband who does not actively push back against the emasculating tide of married life is increasing the odds she will pull a Cindy and lose all her love for him.


If being an alpha male is so great, why aren’t all men alpha? Probably because it shortens your life.

A study of chimpanzees has revealed that dominant animals with higher testosterone levels tend to suffer from an increased burden of parasites. Researchers writing in BioMed Central’s open access journal BioPsychoSocial Medicine observed the primates’ behavior and studied their droppings to draw the link between dominance and infection status.

Michael Muehlenbein from Indiana University and David Watts from Yale University, USA, carried out the study in 22 male animals at Kibale National Park, Uganda. According to Muehlenbein, “Acquisition and maintenance of high dominance rank often involves frequent aggression, and testosterone has been considered the quintessential physiological moderator of such behavior. However, testosterone also causes suppression of the immune system”.

If you had to choose between living a 50 year lifespan as an alpha male who beds hundreds of beautiful women and living a 200 year lifespan as a beta male who has one ten year LTR with a plain jane, which would you choose?

Same question to the ladies. 50 year lifespan hopping in and out of bed with hundreds of alpha males versus 200 year lifespan with one devoted beta in a, say, 20 year LTR. Reaction time is a factor.


Contra Robin Hanson, were foragers more or less violent than farmers? A tenet of the forager thesis is that foragers (read: cosmopolitan liberals) are less violent than their farmer (read: family values conservatives) counterparts. Evidence shows that our forager cousins were a very violent bunch of killers, indeed.

In a cave in Northern Spain, researchers have discovered clues to the identity of the victims of a mass murder committed 49,000 years ago. The butchered bones of 12 men, women, and children protruding from the floor may be the remains of an extended Neandertal family that were killed and eaten by their fellow Neandertals.

Today the liberal manifests his violent tendencies verbally, and in papier maché effigies. Strident advocacy for open borders is a form of soft genocide, so you could chalk that up to leftie violence as well.


Via Audacious E, women who get around before marriage continue getting around once married. From the General Social Survey:

Not surprisingly, women with high sex drives who got around a lot before they married are more likely to continue getting around after taking their vows. The same applies in non-marital relationships. If your girl has a lot of sexual history (and likes to talk about it), don’t go in desiring any kind of serious or long-term relationship. You’re in pump and dump territory.

If you were limited to reading only five posts from the Chateau blog, this post would have to be one of them. It may save you a costly divorce someday. Or it may show you the path to easier lays.

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