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12 Year Old Girl With Game

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A reader emails:

Hi, I want to comment you something  I saw at the mall yesterday.

There were two girls by my side (12 and 8 years old) jumping, screaming and in general being annoying and invading my personal space. They had that attitude that the kids have when they are planning something. Fortunately they disappeared after they decided their plan of action.

After few moments  they reappeared at a nearby table, occupied by three male kids. The two girls were standing there and started to talk with the boys. The girls extended their hands and chatted a few minutes. The older girl took her phone, get one boys number and then they left. Two of the boys were 12  years old and the other was 6.

It was nice to see the scene. The girls were standing all the time. The older one was relaxed with good body language. The younger one didn’t stop to smile while she hugged her bear shaped backpack. The boy was flattered, but stay cool.

So, here you have it. A 12 years old girl with game!

Best regards.

If I’m right about the growing masculinization of Western women, we are going to see more of this sort of thing. Little girls will mimic what they see the adult women in their lives do, and what they see are women running game on men, approaching men, having kids out of wedlock, racking up multiple sex partners, and generally behaving like aggressive caddish men. This is good for easy sex, but it’s also the death knell of femininity.

How many readers have noticed more aggressive posturing by women in the field? A broad cultural/genetic trend may be in the offing. If it is, one thing is certain: over a long enough time span, it’s self-correcting.

Also, good reader, stop watching kids at the mall. Some hatchet-faced femcunt whose dusty hole hasn’t had a sexual experience that didn’t chafe, might see you and alert the national guard.

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