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Sarcasm is unfeminine. Girls who lean on the use of sarcastic humor are a turn-off to men. Hot girls are especially prone to sarcasm, and they wield it profligately. However, there is a flip side to this fact that is good news for men. Girls *love* sarcastic men. They love being assailed by a man adept at the coarse art of sarcasm. You see, when girls are sarcastic, they are projecting their desire to be verbally molested by a sarcastic man. Psychological projection explains so much of human behavior.

Sarcasm is a powerful tool in a man’s seduction arsenal; it is particularly useful for men who shoot for girls that would conventionally be considered out of their league. Qualification (qualifying her for your continued interest) and disqualification (disqualifying her or yourself as a potential love interest) are methods by which men can make women chase them, and thus become more attracted to them. Sarcasm combined with disqualification is an especially potent combination, that when unleashed on hot women will bridge the attraction gap and spark her curiosity. If you only need to know three things to build attraction with a girl who is otherwise indfferent to you, it is these:

  1. Alpha body language
  2. Negs
  3. Disqualification

Sarcastic disqualification is not just a powerful game technique, it is fun to do. (Hot) girls lap it up. (Lesser girls could become bitchy if they think you are making fun of them for being unworthy of your time.) SDs should be dropped early in the pickup, when she is learning about you and gauging your level of alphaness. SDs are perfect answers to shit tests. You should normally say SDs with a smile, as a sarcastic line tossed off with a straight face can be misconstrued as an insult. You also need to be careful not to overuse SDs. Once attraction is there, additional SDs risk portraying you as a class clown at best, a glib asshole at worst.

Here are some examples of sarcastic disqualifications:

“Oh yeah, with that charming attitude, how could I not instantly fall in love with you?”

“Sorry, I have a rule against dating princesses.”

“I’ve been searching my whole life for a woman like you… to set up with my friend. He plays the flute!”

“I bet a sweet girl like you has a full dating life with all those Craigslist guys.”

“Wow, I can’t even talk to you… you’re too perfect in every way. I mean, just look at those flip-flops.”

“It’s a good thing you’re SOO far out of my league. Like, WAAAY up there [reach for the ceiling on your tip-toes]… otherwise I’d have to think about hitting on you.”

“Don’t worry, I only date girls who aren’t queen bees.”

“Yes, after you’re done dating George Clooney, maybe then I’ll have a shot?”

“This is amazing… to be in the presence of such beauty. You like my new watch?”

“No, I just don’t see you that way. You’re too perfect. You shouldn’t be ruined by a low-down jerk like me.”

“You are the most awesome girl ever! Wow, why aren’t I proposing right this second?!”


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