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The “man” in this story could qualify for Beta of the Year:

It started with one text message: She just wanted to know why he was skipping her class.

But P.E. teacher Michele Taylor’s alleged relationship with a 17-year-old student at East Valley High School escalated quickly after that. From a stolen kiss in her office to sex in the backseat of her husband’s truck in the parking lot behind a Yakima Kmart.

This kid is a natural player. Skipping class = takeaway. Women can’t resist an underage boy playing hard to get.

It all began last March with that first message. Taylor was a mother of triplets and married to Kevin, also a P.E. teacher at East Valley.

Her alleged romantic interest was only 16-years-old when the flirtation started. Over the course of four months, he told a Yakima jury yesterday, he exchanged over 400 text messages with Taylor, some of which were explicit.

Michele Taylor is another one of these hot for teacher blonde cuties betraying her beta hubby to lay with her teen boy students. We’ve had a rash of them in this country lately. Reasonable minds might wonder what is going on. I have a couple of theories. Husbands are more beta than ever, turning off their wives so completely that the deprived dears seek that lost tingly feeling in the nearest devil-may-care cock. And teen boys are carelessly devil-may-care. Another possibility: a subset of teen boys are learning game at a much earlier age than past generations of men, and they are capitalizing on alpha-starved older women. Maybe the use-em-and-lose-em, pimps up hos down player mentality zeitgeist is percolating down into high schools and junior high.

One night the boy was hanging out with his girlfriend when he got a text asking him to meet Taylor at Kmart. “I knew pretty much what was going to happen,” the boy said in testimony reported by the Yakima Herald-Republic.

The boy went anyway. And, he testified, he and Taylor did end up having unprotected sex, since she insisted he didn’t need to worry about a condom unless he had STDs.

If Taylor’s husband has any brains at all, he’ll demand paternity tests on all his current children and any future kids he may have with her.

Speaking of which…. mandatory paternity testing now! It’s the right thing to do, both for individual men and for society.

According to the boy, he drove home that night, got in a shower and cried because he “felt dirty.”

Somebody coached the kid to say that.

Although he lied to his girlfriend and parents initially that anything was going on, he eventually copped to the relationship when it was revealed that another, 15-year-old student was exchanging similar texts with Taylor.

Damn, bitch gets around! Talk about shitting where you work. She may be a classifiable nymphomaniac. Poor kid… you don’t feel so special anymore, do ya?

And now we get to the most nauseating part of the story:

Taylor’s husband, Kevin, meanwhile, denies that his wife engaged in anything inappropriate. The Herald-Republic reports that he came to court wearing a shirt with the words “I Love My Wife” written on it and had to be directed by the judge to quit staring down student witnesses testifying against Taylor.

There are few humiliating degradations a natural born beta will visit upon himself that would surprise me, but this has got to be a new low. “I Love My Wife”!? Could there be a more elegant metaphorical distillation of the wretchedness of self-immolating, soul-shriveling betatude?

Wife carries on text affair with multiple teen boys.
Husband approves of text messages. (“No reason to be suspicious”, he claims.)
Wife accused of statutorily raping one of the boys, with implications there were others.
Husband  shows up in court wearing I love my wife tee, and stares daggers at witnesses daring to besmirch his angelic wife’s reputation.
Wife tingles in her nether region for boy student witnesses, unbeknownst to gallant husband defending her on the stand.

You can see video of the delusional husband here. He certainly has that watery-eyed beta look about the face. The only redeeming explanation for his behavior I can think of is that he, too, is fucking one of his teen girl students and his wife knows, so he is covering for her on threat that she’ll reveal his indiscretions. That would raise my estimation of his character quite a bit.

Why are so many betas capable of such Freudian feats of self-deception when confronted with their wives’ and lovers’ infidelity? I submit that it is fear, at heart, that drives this Stockholm Syndrome-ish mental mutilation. Fear of being outed as the unworthy husband, the duped tool, the cuckold… and fear of being alone, unsexed, and unable to find another woman. Such men cling like barnacles to their fear, and let it direct their every decision and their perception of events, even when the evidence against their delusions is slapping them upside the head. Fear is the natural state of the beta. It is their greatest self-imposed limitation.

Not to mention the stacked deck against men that is the man-hating divorce industry.

Quick to forgive, is the beta. In his forgiveness, he expects redemption and gratitude. Even renewed love. But instead he gets contempt, the pity born of hate.

If he only knew the truth…


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