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Do you want to see the sexual market raw and uncensored, all superfluous hypocrisy and rationalization stripped clean? Watch this 20 minute reality TV show called ‘Battle of the Bods’. (It’s more exciting than watching soccer.) Five skimpily dressed women are asked to compare themselves on their faces, asses, and overall look. Call it the World Slut Cup. The women hiss and scratch each other until they reach a sort of consensus on where they rank, and then their self-evaluations are matched up with the evaluations of the three male judges sitting in a judging booth behind one-way glass. The closer the evaluations match, the more money the girls win.

Before the usual suspects chime in, I checked around for evidence that the show was faked. I didn’t find any, so let’s operate on the assumption that what you see in this show is what you get. Why would grown women ritualistically humiliate themselves for fame and (a very small) fortune? After watching this clip you’ll come to understand that a financial incentive was not needed. Once the competitive spirit is unleashed in the one market to rule them all, an ancient spirit force lumbers up from the depths of the human psyche to do its will, and politesse yields mercilessly as claws and fangs are bared for the kill. The men’s own market value was barely a factor to inspire this cat fight! All that was needed to inspire the worst in the women was knowledge that they were being judged, one against the other, by men sight unseen.

A few observations:

This show is further proof that Russian women are, on average, the most beautiful women in the world. Was WWII a great evil that birthed a great good? And, if so, would that be evidence for, or against, god?

It is also more proof that men pretty much think alike about what constitutes female beauty. I agreed with the final ranking.

It also offers evidence that men of different large scale racial groups differ slightly in their sexual preferences. The one black man on the judge’s panel expressed a clear preference for the black woman’s bigger butt, while the two white men preferred the less obtrusive asses of the white girls.

Josie, the yapping yenta and least attractive of the five women, immediately comes out swinging. She intuitively knows she is outranked by all the other women, so her strategy, honed by millions of years of evolution, is to drag the higher ranking members of the tribe down to her level.

Josie also shows that tallness, in and of itself, is not a positive attractiveness trait in women.

Anastasia, the hottest girl, is the most self-deprecating and diplomatic of the women. As the implied leader of the group, (in modern human tribes, the most beautiful woman is usually, though not always, the alpha female), she also has been honed by evolution to avoid ostracizing herself by arrogantly strutting her genetic advantages.

The women are most vicious when it’s their facial beauty under the harsh klieg lights. They’re a little more tactful and conciliatory when they’re judging each other’s asses or “overall look”. This proves my contention that for most men a woman’s facial beauty is more important than how closely her body conforms to ideal proportions. When a choice between the two has to be made, men will choose the facially beautiful woman with the slightly flawed body over the facially average woman with the rocking body for long term commitment. Short term flings and one night stands are a different matter, as men find the thrill of banging a hot bod worth the cost of being dragooned into kissing the lips of an unappetizing face. Women instinctively know this about men, and since women value long term commitments far more than short term hookups, they understandably are very reluctant to admit flaws in their faces.

The rationalization hamster is tuckered out. Never has the poor rodent had to spin spin so hard. Josie’s hamster alone could fuel the delusions of an army of single moms, fatties, and cougars. “I date doctors, physicians, and executives, I don’t date losers. They couldn’t afford me anyway.” If true, those doctors are wondering why the losers are banging all the hot chicks. “This is my strategy, to piss off the judges and always put myself in last place.” A winning strategy indeed.

I love the hostess. She is genuinely cruel toward Josie, the biggest loser (and likely highest IQ girl) of the group. Her scathingly cutting remarks gave me a boney. “They can’t afford you? Is that because you eat so much?” Ha haaw!

Sexual market ranking has real relevance in the world. Josie’s lower ranking will mean that she will be propositioned less by, and have less long-term access to, the kinds of high ranking men that Anastasia will enjoy with more regularity.

Studies have shown that after an initial, often violent battle, men are quicker to sort themselves into a hierarchy, while women tend to occupy a constantly shifting hierarchical landscape that encourages endless and repetitive jousting over one’s place in the rankings. This show seems to prove it. (Evolution would predict that since men are less reproductively valuable than women — sperm is cheap, eggs are expensive — they span a greater range of status slots than do women who bunch up more in a vast interchangeable bellcurvy middle with less gradation between the different status positions. Do note, though, that where men are less reproductively valuable, women are less civilizationally valuable. See: Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment.) Watch closely how the men, who at the end of the show must sort themselves for the women’s edification, arrive at a ranking decision rather more quickly and less acrimoniously than did the women. In fact, because status battles between men can often result in bloodshed, (as opposed to psychological status battles among women which rarely endanger the women’s reproductive integrity), men have incentive to refrain from unnecessarily instigating their male competitors when little is on the line. (A man’s looks are less relevant to his sexual status than is his personality, dominance, and social acumen.) You’ll notice the biggest male of the group is also the most self-deprecating and effusive with his compliments to the other men. The other men, meanwhile, don’t go out of their way to endorse their own looks status and thereby risk a possible antagonistic showdown.

I’m sure short men who watched the end of the show are saying to themselves that this proves chicks dig the height. They do. My advice: focus on girls shorter than yourselves, there are plenty of them. And avoid nightclubs.

Josie totally tries to cockblock at the very end when the guys are mingling with the hotter girls. But she is shut out, reduced to orbiting the group like a buzzing bee. There’s a lesson here; cockblocks need allies. Drive the wedge first, then seduce the target.


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