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Knack sent me this story about Chinese men going on a rampage in recent months and attacking elementary schools.

The attack occurred in Linchang Village, in Nanzheng County’s Shengshui Township. Police had cordoned off the village Wednesday,as they conducted their investigation, with locals allowed in but reporters kept out. […]

It was the sixth such attack in China on schoolchildren since March. […]

The attacks come despite the execution of Zheng Minsheng, 42, a former community doctor who stabbed eight children to death and wounded five others at an elementary school in eastern China on March 23.

Zheng, executed by a firing squad in Nanping City late last month, told investigators he carried out the attack because he was frustrated by “failures in his romantic life and in society,” according to Xinhua.

China Daily newspaper quoted Nanjing University sociology professor Zhu Li as saying Zheng’s attack inspired copycats.

There’s been some discussion on this blog lately about sex ratios and male violence. The theory holds that when the sexual market is skewed in favor of women (more men than women), men will be better behaved (i.e. “dads”) because women will be able to demand that of them. Another side argues that once a tipping point of excess males is reached, violence erupts when all those bachelor males not getting any realize the hopelessness of their situation. In China, at least, it looks as if their 35 million excess males are starting to act up, and the Chinese government doesn’t know what to do about it, except beef up security at schools.

35 million hard up bachelors with no hole to go home to. And it’s projected to get worse, with possibly 60 million more men than women in China by 2050. The usual caveats about correlation and causation, but it bears noting that savvy investors ought to keep a wary eye on China’s supposed unstoppable growth machine — a lot of funny stuff can happen when huge armies of dispossessed men are tossed to the icy wastelands of involuntary celibacy.


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