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As if the dark worldview illuminated on this blog could not be more validated, here’s an article about rising rates of illegitimacy, spinsterhood, later marriages, and later births (a quadfecta!):

The number of children born outside marriage in the United States has increased dramatically to four out of ten of all births. [editor: america, fuck yeah!]

Figures show that 41 per cent of children born in 2008 did not have married parents – up from 28 per cent in 1990. […]

Having a child out of wedlock does not carry the stigma and shame it once did, they say. [society wept.]

The study also found that in America there is a declining number of teenage mothers and rising numbers of older parents. [this is a good thing if you like raging autism and a TFR below replacement.]

By comparison, Britain has the worst teenage pregnancy rate in Europe with 45 per cent of children born outside of wedlock in 2008. [what, you think mickey d’s would be our only export?]

When Labour came to power in 1997, 36 per cent of children were born outside marriage.

The U.S. research, taken from census reports and health statistics by the Pew Research Centre, also outlines a trend of couples in western societies marrying later in life and delaying parenthood until they can afford it. [or being so poor they don’t care about affording it and having the kids anyway. hooray malthusian-idiocracy-welfare state intersect!]

In 1990 only 9 per cent of births were to women 35 years and older and 13 per cent were to teenagers, but by 2008 10 per cent of births were to teenagers and 14 per cent were to older women. [remember: older mothers = fewer healthy children. so while the birthrate is increasing among older women, that doesn’t mean the total number of children they are having is the same as women who became mothers at a younger age.]

‘The demography of motherhood in the U.S. has shifted strikingly in the past two decades,’ the report said.

The share of births to unmarried mothers had increased most among white and traditionally Catholic Hispanic women. [interestingly, the share of new juvenile detention centers and STD treatment clinics increased the same percentage.]

Mothers are also better educated than they were two decades ago. In 2006 more than half of mothers of newborns had some college education, an increase from 41 per cent in 1990. [maybe the reason we haven’t made contact with advanced alien species is because they opted for the reality-bending virtual pleasuredome iCum existence until the last smart chick standing orgasmed herself to death with the Alphabot 2000 SmoothTalker model 6000, her 0.5 children left to arrange her unattended funeral?]

The percentage was even higher among mothers 35 years and older, with 71 per cent. [it makes a twisted Darwinian sense that the smartest women would fail to adequately reproduce to replacement level, as they are the ones, through their own status- and resource-enhancing actions, cursed with the smallest gene pool of acceptable men to choose from.]

‘The higher share of college-educated mothers stems both from their rising birth rates and from women’s increasing educational attainment,’ the report explained.

Attitudes have also altered in the past 20 years as the stigma of unmarried parenthood has softened and Americans marry later in life. [but she’ll alwaaaays… be an unmarried single mom with bastard spawn… to meeee….]

As one commenter to that article put it:

So women are waiting longer to have fewer kids without dads in an increasing welfare-state world. Anyone see the impending disaster this is fueling?

I do. Which is why I’m sipping a cocktail poolside, unmarried, with my lover beside me. The smart move, if you ask me. You want to put in the hard work turning this ship around, be my guest. The sordid status quo benefits me. It would really cramp my style if the pool of attractive young women suddenly dried up from a rush to the altar and the nursery.

It seems that the steady drumbeat of data continues proving what I wrote about in this post:

The irony is that in the course of dismantling millennia of biologically-grounded cultural tradition and enacting their hypergamous sexual utopia, women have unwittingly made life more difficult for all but the most attractive of them. The result has been more cougars, more sluts, and more demand for DNA paternity testing. To prevent this edifice from crumbling under its own weight entirely, massive redistributive payments from men to women in the form of welfare, alimony, punitive child support (even from men who aren’t the biological fathers!), female- and child-friendly workplaces, legal injustice (women in general do not give a shit about justice), corporate-sponsored daycare, PC extortion, sexual harassment claims, and divorce theft have had to be ruthlessly administered and enforced by the thugs of the rapidly metastasizing elite-created police state. Remove these security and resource transfers and safety nets and you will see the feminist utopia crumble within one generation.

And in this post:

[…] here are the [Four Sirens of the Sexual Apocalypse that explain our cultural lament configuration]:

  1. Effective and widely available contraceptives (the Pill, condom, and the de facto contraceptive abortion).
  2. Easy peasy no-fault divorce.
  3. Women’s economic independence (hurtling towards women’s economic advantage if the college enrollment ratio is any indication).
  4. Rigged feminist-inspired laws that have caused a disincentivizing of marriage for men and an incentivizing of divorce for women.

It’s all been so predictable, yet our Kommisars of Kultural Korrectness couldn’t see what was happening right before their eyes, or they could but didn’t care. The formula is simple:

Divest sex from pregnancy + financially empower women, thus devaluing men’s mate attracting provider ability + incentivize divorce for women + disincentivize marriage for men + remove the slut and single mom social shaming mechanisms + endless dating + fertility treatment + government and corporate welfare =

More single women in their most attractive fertile years available for plundering.
More divorce court ass rapings for men.
More bastard children.
Less marriage.
Later marriage.
Later births.
Fewer lifetime births.
And an alpha cock carousel that spins relentlessly until society crumbles under the weight of declining productive native population, rising orc horde populations, and wildings by all those fatherless bastard boys raised by empowered single moms.

It’s all so clear as day and yet our so-called smarties continue jabbering about comparative advantage, relationship complementarity, and immigration-fueled cheap chalupas.

It’s funny until the pleasurecrats and statusticians have no gated communities left in which to escape.
And then it’s hilarious.

I have a prediction of my own. Either American society implodes, or the coming generations of Millennials and younger utterly turn their back on the values of their parents and grandparents, giving a big one finger salute to the dying Baby Boomers and their progressivist equalism lies and returning the country back to the cultural configuration that once brought it to majestic heights.

But I’m not holding my breath.


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