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I’ve analyzed a lot of game scenes from classic movies, so how about a good game scene from a modern movie? Check out Javier Bardem’s character running uber direct game on Scarlett Johansson and some other chick simulating an American lawyer cunt.

Ok, there are a few key moments during this interaction that set the alpha tempo for Juan Antonio and enable him to get away with everything else that he says. When you go in strong and let a girl know right away that you are the prize, she will be much more forgiving of any “crazy” stuff you may decide to say later. Call it the Alpha Absolution Theory of courtship.

At 0:46, Juan walks behind a plant and is momentarily obstructed from the girls’ view. A minor coincidence, yes, but one that heightens the tension the girls are undoubtedly feeling. I wonder if Woody Allen knew this when he directed the shot? You may think this silly, but temporarily disappearing from a girl’s line of sight is a subconscious trick on her psyche that triggers in her a “threat of loss” anxiety. Knowing this, try walking behind something on your next approach; say, behind a large column or a group of people, then reappearing close by her.

0:46 – 0:55 Juan’s body language is half his game. His gait is steady and slow, his face expressionless except for the flash of a slight wry smile. When he approaches, he takes his sweet time getting there. Also notice how he lets his gaze deliberately linger on the less attractive/less playful Vicky first, and then switches looking at Cristina. He knows, before he’s even said one word, who the potential cockblock is and how the process of disarming her takes precedence before anything else. Always address the less attractive/more anal retentive girls in a group first, unless it’s a mixed group of men and women, in which case address the men first.

0:57 “American?” Perfect opener. The girls are expecting him to say something typical, like “What’s your name?”. Instead, he opens with a one word question. With openers, laconic often beats loquacious for leaving a sharp impression. Furthermore, he avoids overgaming by opening in a manner that is bolder than normal, yet not spastically “creative”.

1:02 When a girl offers you her name, the gentlemanly thing to do is give your name in return. Which is why you shouldn’t do it. Juan replies to Cristina with a question about the color of her eyes instead. Totally out of left field, and that is why she squirms a little in her panties.

1:10 – 1:19 He gets right to the point. Obviously, this isn’t going to work in most situations, but the take-home lesson is that women are attracted to men who lead, command, and direct. Women want to be marionettes, dangling languorously from the hands of a skilled puppeteer.

1:25 – 1:30 When Cristina asks “What’s in Oviedo?”, Juan replies that he wants to see a sculpture that is “very inspiring to him”. This part is important. Juan does not qualify himself by attempting to appease or impress the girls by describing entertaining things in Oviedo that await *them*. Instead, he explains he’s going for his own selfish reasons. Only after does he then say they would enjoy it as well.

1:37 – 1:52 Apocalypse Opener. Do you dare?

2:00 – 2:09 If you’re going to do direct game, you’ll have to be prepared for hardcore rejections. It comes with the territory. How you handle them can mean the difference between an embarrassing exit and a momentum change in your favor. Juan answers Vicky’s rejection with a poetic rebuke to, basically, seize their inner sluts.

2:11 Two minutes into the conversation and he finally gives his name. Well played. Make the girls work for your identity. Note, too, how it was the sphincterly pinched Vicky who demanded he show his papers. Cristina would’ve spent a week with him before thinking to ask his name.

2:17 – 2:20 He purposefully mixes up their names. “Or is it the other way around?” Nice neg. It subtly drives a wedge between the two girls. I’ll have to remember that one.

2:27 – 2:49 After Vicky acts like a bitch, Juan remains unfazed, complimenting the both of them for being “so lovely and beautiful”. Then he addresses Cristina directly about her friend’s ability to “squeeze the charm” out of life. Classic “let’s you and her meow”. If he had been approaching Vicky alone, this tactic might not work. But with Cristina there, he’s able to inspire competition between the two for who is the more romantic and adventurous woman.

3:06 Vicky’s bitch shield is down. She invites him to join them for drinks. Why does she do this? Because, one, she’s attracted to Juan’s brazen alphatude and two, she sees that Cristina is into him, so she doesn’t want to appear the spoilsport of the bunch.

3:18 “What offended you about the offer?” It’s never a good idea to argue with a cockblock, but in this case Juan manages to press Vicky with a probing question that is followed up immediately by a reiteration of his earlier compliment that they are both beautiful. Also, if you will confront a recalcitrant bitch, the only way to pull it off is with preternatural grace under pressure.

3:45 – 3:55 Juan evades Vicky’s bitching and turns his attention to Cristina. Textbook backturn takeaway. And the “When I saw you across the room, I noticed you have” line is straight out of the direct game playbook.

4:02 – 4:28 Direct game takes balls, and it also takes a willingness to absorb rejection without flinching. Never let ‘em see you sweat. Juan makes his pitch, allows a moment for it to sink in, and prepares his exit, admonishing the girls to “think it over”. Calm throughout. It helps that the plane is a major DHV.


Look, this is an extreme form of direct game. Most men will not be able to pull this off credibly, as the skill level involved is very high. Plus, the context has to be working in your favor. The girls are in Spain, and are already in a frame of mind where they are expecting to be swept off their feet by a swarthy Latin Lothario hypnotizing them with the verbal equivalent of romantic glow sticks. If you’re a pasty Northwest European white man in a beach town club in New Jersey approaching pasty NW European girls sucking down Miller Lights, this sort of headily seductive direct game may not go over as well. But it is another arrow in your quiver of game techniques, and shouldn’t be ignored just because it won’t work in every situation. Direct game can be a powerful adjunct to your regular routine. Like, say, when you’re a NW European pasty white male approaching two Russian girls in your country on vacation, and they find your ethnicity and command of the local environs alluringly exotic.


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