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This post is mainly directed at those readers who are still in college and have to deal on a daily basis with fanatical ideologues on the hunt for crimethinking heretics to burn at the stake, though the wisdom here is applicable at any time of life. A typical PC police baiting tactic might go down like this:

CONFORMIST SUCKUP: “So what do you think of [controversial politically incorrect subject].”

YOU: “You first.”

CONFORMIST SUCKUP: “I think [politically correct answer].”

YOU: [smiling knowingly] “Then I agree with you.”

The beauty of this is twofold: one, you give them no rope with which to hang you, and two, you subtly send up the underlying inquisition-like mentality of them and their kind. It’s fun teaching very special lessons to sanctimonious shitholes that they’re no better than those to whom they feel superior.

This tactic even works on conformist suckups who were too cowardly to tell you their honest view. The pointed faux agreement will make both cowards and dogmatists feel the burn of disrespect.

Feel free to credit me in fliers stapled to kiosks all across America’s college campuses.


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