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Just How Amoral Are Women?

I was sitting with a girlfriend in a small group of people that included one cute girl who had a history of mild flirting with me that never amounted to anything more. But this night, her flirtations were stronger. Much stronger. Seeing me in the company of another attractive woman revved her engine, as preselection does with any woman. It’s as if a switch turned on powering up a new, hungrier, hornier woman who would stop at nothing to get a bite of the juicy, prized meat just barely out of her reach.

Occasionally, when the gf was in the bathroom or otherwise distracted, we would have moments alone when she spoke freely, consumptively.

“I give GREAT blowjobs.”

“I see.”

“I’m really good at using my tongue.”


*Hungry stare*

“Ok, then.”

Did the fact that I was with female company dissuade her? Ha, it is to laugh! Just the opposite. She threw all moral consideration to the wind and would have followed her feelings straight into Sodom if I had allowed it.


SUCCUBUS: “Promise time.”


“If you’re not married next time we meet, we’re having sex.”


What are the most powerful game techniques? Social proof/preselection has got to be at or near the top.


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