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A Devious Takeaway

Note: what I’m about to write here is not meant for game newbies. Utilize at your own risk.

Takeaways are a very valuable psychological ploy contributing to a player’s seduction prowess. You can read a definition of takeaways here. In short, a takeaway is the act of feigning disinterest in a woman for the purpose of increasing her attraction for you, and thus your likelihood of bedding her. This fake disinterest can be as simple as a backturn, or an unannounced abrupt exit from a conversation. Takeaways are the Swiss Army knives of seduction, as they can be used at almost any point during the pickup, with equal effectiveness. For instance, a takeaway can set the right tempo early on by making a girl chase you for conversation instead of the other way around, or a takeaway can be employed during foreplay to get a girl to drop her last minute resistance to sex.

Takeaways are a very powerful game tactic, for the reason that they are a high risk gamble. (Generally, and as with most things in life, the riskier the game tactic, the higher the reward.) The risk comes in the fact that a girl may very well call your takeaway bluff.

PLAYER: You’re really cool and all. Maybe we should just be friends.


But when a takeaway works, and the girl bites, you will be amazed at how quickly the status dynamics of the courtship will change. Flipping the script, properly executed, can make gaming a girl seem like outrunning a morbidly obese American woman. You can practically walk to the finish line.

Here’s an especially devious takeaway that I’ve used many times to great effect. Use this on later dates just before the momentum is carrying you both to sexual closure, and only use on girls who are engaging in stalling tactics. In other words, use on “good girls”. (There is a minor subclass of bad girls who will also respond well to this takeaway, which I will explain below.) Basically, what you will be doing is stealing the woman’s prerogative to delay coital finality in the interest of “wanting everything to feel right”.

UNWITTING GIRL: I’m having a really good time.

DEVIOUS YOU: Me too. I’d like to have a drink with you back at my place, but…


DEVIOUS YOU: I dunno. I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. I think it means a lot more when things aren’t rushed. Maybe wait a little. You’re the kind of girl I want to take it slow with. Call me crazy, but that’s how I see it now.

Now after this, most likely she will say “Aw that’s so nice” and agree with you. Then you will be left asking yourself, “Hey, I thought this was supposed to work as advertised? She just called my bluff!” Settle down, Anakin. This takeaway works it’s magic on a delayed cycle. Continue the date as usual, and invite her over to your place anyhow. You won’t need an excuse because you’ve already told her nothing will happen. What you’ll notice instead is an increase in her compliance that you would not normally have gotten. Though you “confessed” only hours earlier, in so many words, that you wanted to wait for sex, she will find herself inexplicably moving things faster in the direction of your hidden agenda. The phony virtue takeaway has preemptively disarmed her anti-slut defense. She will rationalize that you are not forcing her to do anything because you’re “not that kind of guy”, and your road to sex will suffer fewer impediments.

Why did I write above that this takeaway is not meant for newbs? Because you need to be banging other girls before attempting such a high risk maneuver. If you are hard-up, your mind, body, and emotions will be incongruent with your spoken words. She will sense something is off about your claimed phony virtue, and she will not only call your bluff, but also lose respect for your now-waning masculinity for trying an end-run around her sexual reticence *and* your own sexual desire.

In addition, some newbs may mistakenly use this takeaway on girls who are already good to go. That’s called overkill. If she genuinely wants it, you won’t need any more mental games. All you’ll need at that point is the balls to lead her where she wants to be.

As I mentioned above, the subclass of girls this takeaway would work on are the badgirl sluts who are practically dragging you to the bedroom. Be careful of the overtly sexual girls; oftentimes their lewdness and blunt physical sexuality are a ruse designed to entrap less alpha men who lack control over their horniness. If you bite too soon or too eagerly, she may lose her desire. If you do manage to bed a badgirl slut on the first date, she is more likely than the typical girl — thanks to the male-like contours of her brain — to lose interest the next morning. For these girls, the phony virtue takeaway is perfect for (re)establishing that she is the one chasing you, and not the other way around. Plus, by stroking her egotistic need to not be noticed for her sluttiness, it will make her feel more special than she really is. Phony virtue game, delivered as sincerely as your acting skills can summon, can turn a one night stand with a slut into a three month fling.


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