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If people are going to accuse you of misogyny, may as well enjoy the egotistic benefits of being a truth-telling misogynist.


Men move the discussion forward. Women swap recipes and beauty tips.

Men debate. Women wheedle.

Men confront. Women slander.

Men act. Women plot.

Men invent. Women benefit.

Men are passionate. Women are passion parasites.

Men cheat. Women betray.

Men withdraw. Women shit test.

Men kill. Women play let’s you and him fight.

Men are emotionally distant. Women are emotionally manipulative.

Men’s Achilles’ heel is pride. Women’s Achilles’ heel is vanity.

Men die younger. Women live slower.

Men think loftily. Women think grubbily.

Men are expendable. Women are perishable.

Men humiliate. Women shame.

Men bluster. Women preen.

Men break barriers. Women co-opt broken barriers.

Men design. Women utilize.

Men self-serve. Women self-delude.

Men fuck. Women barter.

Men are funny. Women are melodramatic.

Men look at the sun. Women look in the mirror.

Men sexualize. Women characterize.

Men eat. Women indulge.

Men aspire. Women inspire.

Men love freely. Women love desperately.


This post is bitch bait. It’s been booby-trapped. We’ll see who trips it.


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