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The Beta Switch Technique

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A very effective game technique that works on all kinds of girls, from lawyers to strippers, is the beta switch. This involves pretending to act like a romantic, sappy beta, then when she’s on the verge of confusion, disappointment and disgust, switching quickly back into alpha mode. The beta switch technique is best when used on girls you’ve just started dating, as a means to solidify attraction, but it can also be used as part of relationship game to keep the embers warm.

I’ll give you a couple of examples of beta switch game that I have used successfully on girls. In one, usually on the second date, I pretend I’m about to give a girl a romantic gift of great value.

SINISTER CR: You know, GIRL 155, I’m having an amazing time with you.

GIRL 155: Aw, me too.

SINISTER CR: I’ve been thinking about how great this is, and well, I really feel we are good together.

GIRL 155: Um…

SINISTER CR: And I wanted to show how much you mean to me… [reaching slowly and dramatically into front pocket]… So I got you this. [Pulling hand slowly out of pocket] I hope you like it. It comes from the heart.

GIRL 155: [Beads of sweat now forming on her brow] Um, yeah, you know, that’s really not necessary…

SINISTER CR: [Pulling out a small leaf I broke off from a bush] Here you go. Don’t worry, it isn’t as expensive as it looks. [smirk]

GIRL 155: Oh, WOW, phew! haha, ok, funny. [Kiss kiss kiss penetrate penetrate penetrate]


Here is another example of beta switch game. This one I use just before things start to heat up and deal closing is around the corner.

SEXUAL HEALING CR: [Very serious face] Girl 156…

GIRL 156: Yes?

SEXUAL HEALING CR: [Tenderly taking her hands in mine, looking at her intensely, then glancing down, and looking back up at her] I think about you a lot…

GIRL 156: [Smiling nervously] Uuumm… ok. Don’t think too much! [Nervous laughter]

SEXUAL HEALING CR: …about what you’d be like in bed.

GIRL 156: [Open eyed surprise] Wow, that’s kind of hot.


Beta switch game technique works like clambusters because it arouses so many contradictory emotions in a girl. You are dragging her across an emotional landscape of curiosity, impending doom, relief, and lust. This rapid drama-inducing whirlwind will pry apart the iciest pussies. The secret ingredient to beta switch game is the mix of unspoken disappointment that accompanies her sexual arousal after she discovers your romantic beta ruse was just a goofy ploy. Although girls get turned off by excessive displays of sappy betatude, a part of them relishes the idea of a man falling under their spell and surrendering his composure in a fit of romantic gushing. By stealing that satisfaction from a girl at the last second, you redirect her intensifying feelings back where you want them — to her crotch. Beta switch game also has a long term benefit; in the future, when you do drop a little genuine romance on her, she will appreciate it a lot more. Which brings me to…

CR Maxim #66: Half the battle of game is stripping a woman of her inborn self-entitlement complex.

If any of you watch “The Office”, you’ll know that Jim ran beta switch game on Pam when he pretended to drop to one knee to propose to her, only to tie his shoelace. Beta switch game is an absolute pussy luber.


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