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Reader gig left this comment to the previous post:

The noticing of how unattractiveness in women leads men to work longer is amazing. I see it everyday. I bet that much of alcohol abusers started so because of some unpleasant experience with women, specially sudden fattening of formerly attractive girls.

There is a widely held misconception that men who work long hours, or work later than they normally do, are doing so to please or otherwise impress their wives. In fact, much of the time just the opposite is true. Men will often work longer hours to *get away* from aging wives who are no longer attractive to them. It’s only the hottie wives who can inspire their husbands to get their work done on time and rush home for some lovin’.

Men who work long hours are essentially telling their wives that they’d rather spend time at the office amassing resources to attract a hotter, younger wife just over the horizon.


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