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Reader PA left a comment describing how he once held his woman’s hand “against the grain” as they walked — that is, his hand was behind her hand. He said she did not like the unnatural feel of it. In the interest of corroborating this peculiar observation, I did the same with one of my girls. I prepped her first and explained that I was going to hold her hand differently, and she was to tell me how it made her feel.

As we were walking down the sidewalk, I moved my hand behind hers, such that her hand was in front (back of her hand facing forward) while my hand, fingers intertwined, was in back (my palm facing forward into her palm).

Two point five seconds elapsed before she spoke.



“It feels weird. I don’t like it.” She dislodged her hand from mine violently, and resumed the traditional style with her hand resting behind my hand.

“What was weird about it?”

“I don’t know, but it felt wrong. Like smelling something really bad.”

At this point, I would like to inform the studio audience that my girl was a professed feminist, a real “I am wymyn, hear me roar” product of our nation’s higher miseducation system. And yet, here she was, unknowing victim to her biomechanical urge to be submissive to a dominant male, even in something as trivial as the arrangement of our handholding while we walked together.

I write a lot about the importance of psychosocial dominance in male game, and how of all the positive traits a man can possess nothing is as effective as his subconscious dominance cues for turning on the gina spigot — not money, not looks, not humor. Fame is perhaps the only trait that can score a man more pussy more easily. Naturally, when the femtards show up here they see the word “dominance” and they immediately screech and squeal about how this means I advocate men should beat women, or that women should be relegated to life under burqas. But as is typical for the vajflapping brigade, they are incapable of comprehending the finer distinctions of subject matter that offends their delicate… or should I say weak?… sensibilities.

Psychosocial dominance is not a warhammer to the head; it’s akin to an ancient language spoken in hushed tones by our mind’s central command under the noisy clacking of our glitzy human interface. It is subtle, but not so subtle that it can’t be gleaned, and learned by those who have less of it. Game is, in effect, a system for recognizing and mimicking those male mate value dominance cues in one’s behavior. These dominance cues can be either the behavior evinced by alpha men over lesser men, or by men over women. The two types of dominance are not the same (see: social proof), but there is plenty of overlap.

Here are some other subtle dominance moves that you should incorporate into your relationships with women, thus ensuring years of freely available sex, affection, and loyalty:

  • Don’t trail your woman in the grocery store. If you’re pushing a cart, stay in front of her. Never linger over brands on the shelves. Know which food you want before you get to the store. If she lingers too long, make her food decision for her. Occasionally veer off to another aisle to do your “man-time” shopping, leaving her wondering where you went for a minute. Return with an industrial sized bottle of lube an an innocent look on your face.
  • Don’t ponder your decisions out loud. Women hate indecisive men, even when that indecisiveness leads to better choices. As gina tinglers go, it’s preferable to make a wrong decision than to make no decision.
  • Never discuss money matters with your woman. She’ll love you more if in a moment of desperation you are caught stealing and thrown in jail than if you whine about having no money.
  • Don’t “keep an eye” on your woman. If, for instance, you are at a party, don’t trail her around the room with your eyes. Either ignore her, or join her. Occasional knowing winks are permitted.
  • Learn the power of NO. “Can I borrow this book?” “No, I’m still reading it. You can have it when I’m done.”
  • Don’t be a “sensitive guy”. No one likes that guy, especially not women, despite their insistence to the contrary. When she cries, don’t rush over to comfort her. Let her cry. Like an ex of mine once told me, “Sometimes a girl just needs a cry.” If her brooding bothers you, leave to hang with your buddies or find a household project to work on. If you feel you absolutely must do something as a token of sympathy, hand her a box of Kleenex.
  • When seating yourself at a restaurant, always put her in the chair that affords maximum protection from the thru-way used by patrons and waiters. Always choose for yourself the chair that provides maximum field of view of the restaurant environs. On the Metro, stuff her into the seat closer to the window.
  • On dates, let her pay for shit once in a while. It doesn’t have to be 50-50 in outlays, (and this is particularly pertinent if she makes a lot less than you), but neither should you box yourself in as a chump provider. When she reaches for her purse, don’t make a big production out of it. “Oh, hey, I got it, I got it, really, unless you want to.” Horrible. Just be cool, stay silent, and act as if her coughing up some of her own dough is nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Always control the remote, TV, computer, stereo, and circular saw. Let her rest her head on your lap when you watch movies together.
  • If you often find yourself walking ahead of her when you two are outside at farmers’ markets or the like, resist the urge to constantly look over your shoulder to see where she is. Get comfortable with the idea of being a gravitational force to which she cannot stay away from for long. Think of your cock as a powerful electromagnet and her as iron filings. Don’t be a human GPS unit.
  • The dog is yours, not hers, even when it’s hers. It’s a pack leader thing she wouldn’t understand. Exception: She has a gay microdog. That’s all hers.
  • Abuse her cat when she’s not looking. It’s good for reining in the cat’s sense of entitlement, and it’s good for your mood.
  • Master the art of controlled physical dominance. If she’s in your way, grab her around the waist and gently push her aside.
  • You ever notice how the assholes and douchebags with the hot chicks always act like they’re unaware of their girls’ presence in public? Like their women are just some tag-alongs they humor once in a while? Yeah, you’ll want to be that asshole.
  • Stop laughing at her unfunny jokes. She’s knows she’s not funny, and she knows you’re placating her. Beta.
  • If her sister is ugly, tell your girl that you see some resemblance. If her sister is hot, ask her if she was adopted.
  • I’ve experimented with many techniques for coaxing girls I date to stay on the slim and narrow. The best one I’ve found so far is to come up behind her while she’s naked in the bathroom, lean against the door jamb, stare at her ass for a bit, don’t smile, hint at a frown, and walk away saying nothing.
  • If someone asks what your girl does for a living, let her answer. Don’t jump in and answer for her in an attempt to play her up.
  • The morning after at her place, when you get up, either have a plan of action for the day, or leave. Don’t putter around her place with nothing to do. If it’s TV you want to watch, go veg out at your place away from her. There’s no faster way to kill your air of mystery than to swamp her early in the relationship with the humdrum routine of your daily life.
  • Try to avoid at all costs the dreaded words “I dunno”. “What are you doing today, honey?” “I dunno.” “What did you do yesterday?” “I dunno. Stuff, I guess.” If you didn’t do something of note, MAKE IT UP. “What did you do yesterday?” “I smoked a hookah with a buddy who banged Chelsea Clinton. She’s a squirter, according to him.”
  • Don’t be a herb. No, really. Unless you’re a white guy who dates Asian girls exclusively.


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