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Standing Like An Alpha

I was recently out with some old friends at a club. One of the guys, smart but beta-ish, was standing holding his drink. I walked over and told him I would position his stance so that girls would suddenly find him irresistible and guys would think he was cool. I moved his legs and feet about shoulder width apart, one foot pointed at a jaunty angle, and told him to rest most of his body weight on his left leg. Then I had him hold his drink down by his hip.

The change was instantaneous. Our group of mixed girls and guys stepped back to take a look at my friend with his new and improved stance. They were astonished at the difference it made. One girl even muttered “Wow” under her breath. The guys nodded their heads and were impressed. My friend was a man they had known for years — they were comfortable with his predictable and reassuring beta presence — so the conspicuous alpha vibe the new stance projected had everyone amazed and slightly disturbed.

With a simple adjustment of his legs and feet my friend had gone from an invisible beta to an intriguing figure in the middle of the crowd. More girls would now be open to his approach.

This alpha stance is not random. It’s a classical pose called contrapposto that Michelangelo sculpted for his masterpiece David. It suggests a relaxed and vulnerable appearance, exactly the sort of self-possessed mental state an alpha male would convey through his body language. I believe girls are hardwired deep in their electric hams to be sexually drawn to a man standing contrapposto.

Most people find it unsettling that such a banal detail like foot positioning could trigger an attraction reflex in women, but the noble mysteries of human nature are only made so by our insistence. For those with the eyes to see, reality constantly reminds us we are not poetically transcendent creatures. We are animals.


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