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George Sodini’s Beta Home

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Reader Stan B left a link to a video of George Sodini giving a tour of his nondescript home. According to Stan B, the home in the video matches the address in Sodini’s DNS registration.

At 1:17 you can see a book on his coffeetable with the title “Date Younger Women”. I can’t make out the author. So it looks as if Sodini was making an effort, however half-assedly, to find love.

Nothing in the video strikes me as especially weird. He sounds a little nerdy/Aspergery and humorless, but the video content is unremarkable. People make narrated videos of their homes all the time. Someone suggested he made the video for an online dating site, but if that’s the case then why did he zoom in on the dating guide book? If he thought that letting girls know he reads those kinds of books would mean they would find him more attractive then his understanding of women was weak. If I had to guess, I’d say he at least peripherally knew about game and internet PUA sites, but didn’t know nearly enough to wipe the stink of beta off him. He probably knew just enough to lift himself out of his 20 year celibate depression with the faint flicker of hope.

His home is the typical beta castle — spartan, functional, ugly furniture, prominently featured computer and TV, neatly stacked boxes in the basement, well-kept. His home would not have helped him bang girls, but it wouldn’t have chased them away either. Many men need help decorating their homes with more stylish and daring set pieces or unusual artifacts, like a collection of historical walking canes used by world leaders, or a hookah on the coffeetable.


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