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Russian female pole vaulter not only sets the world record but trash talks her foes into submission.

BEIJING, Aug 18 (Reuters) – Russia’s Olympic champion pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva said the world record she set on Monday had put U.S. rival Jennifer Stuczynski in her place over reported comments about going to “kick Russian butt”.

“She has never beaten me. She is talking too much. So I didn’t say anything. I just wanted to prove who is the best,” Isinbayeva, who won the gold medal while Stuczynski had to settle for silver, told reporters.

“I am not deaf. I can read interviews and hear what is being talked about. It made me really angry because I said, ‘How is it possible to speak like this about me?’

“When I found out, it wasn’t nice first of all because she must respect me and know her position. Now she knows it.”

Isinbayeva set the world record by soaring 5.05 metres, while Stuczynski’s best effort was 4.80 metres. Russian Svetlana Feofanova took the bronze with a best jump of 4.75 metres.

cellulite free since 1982.

(This chick’s buttocks swallows pole vaults whole and spits out toothpicks.)

It doesn’t matter whether the testosterone is injected or naturally raised through scientifically calibrated diet and hours in the gym pumping iron, women become more like men when they start competing for real. They get nastier, they get harder, their tits shrink, their babyfat disappears, and their attitude is all up in your grill. Most of them even begin to look like men (Yelena, dear sweet Russian Tatar babe who happens to look like one of my exes, is a notably good-looking exception among the female Olympic athletes).

The masculinization of women is inevitable at the upper levels of competitive athletics where real glory and sponsorships are on the line, because the lifeblood — the high octane fuel — of competition that matters is testosterone, the very essence of manhood. For a woman to succeed in a physically competitive endeavor, she must become more like… a man. It is required.

(And for a man to succeed in a domestic endeavor, he must become more like a woman.)

What all those Title IX supporting lesbian feminists refuse to face up to is that female athletics, and especially the elite level of female athletics broadcast on TVs around the world, is not a celebration of womanhood, it’s a celebration of manhood!

But let’s face it, the goal of American/Scandinavian feminism has always been to morph women into men. The bullhorns of the feminist movement — disproportionately lesbian and ugly — have a pathological case of penis envy. I imagine if they could legislate enlarged clitorises, they would.

raise the bar. i’m jumping her.

The kind of intramural or weekend warrioress female athletics where women exert half-assed effort and take frequent breaks to huddle together to gossip, is fine for keeping fit and cementing friendships. They will not risk chest hair growth. But watch out if your girlfriend or daughter tries out for Division I soccer, starts buying A cup sports bras, and comes home with huge bruises on her shins — she will look and act less like a real woman with each passing day unless you steer her into more feminine fitness routines, like yoga.

One of the first things I ask a girl I’m dating is if she played any team sports in high school or college. If she played soccer or field hockey *and* has dark forearm hair, I know that I will not have to wait long for sexytime. Most likely, she will want to spend a lot of time on top.

I would bang lovely Yelena with my 5.05 metre American pole.


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