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Exhibit A:

BEIJING – AUGUST 19: Leryn Franco of Paraguay competes in the Women’s Javelin Qualifying Round held at the National Stadium on Day 11 of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on August 19, 2008 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Olympic camel toe.

(Hat tip, VK. Naturally.)

I love how so many female Olympic athletes are photographed holding long, phallic objects.

Exhibit B:

Hybrid vigor in action — Olympians hooking up in droves.

“You see more and more couples, there is a lot of hooking up. And it is the mix of races that many people are looking for,” a Mexican volleyball player, already out of the competition, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa. “And with the Russian, Czech and Slovak specimens you see, the material is unbeatable.

I agree with his assessment. It seems the men of the world are coming around to the poon viewpoint — Slavic chicks are the gold standard.

“You have 16,000 athletes in the Village, and it is very likely that some boys will like some girls and that, in turn, will lead to sex,” said Dutch baseballer Jeroen Sluitjer, 33. “And if there are free condoms going around, people will feel like using them.”

[…]there are 30,000 more [in Beijing] than the 70,000 that ran out in the Australian city, leading Village authorities to order an extra 20,000.

16,000 athletes. 100,000 condoms, with 20,000 more on the way. Assuming all 120,000 condoms are used, that’s 15 bangs per athlete (given an equal number of male and female athletes pairing off to have sex, each condom represents two individual bangs), or about one bang per athlete every day for the duration of the Olympics.

Of course, a dude like Michael Phelps is going to get a lot more action than a benchwarmer on the Latvian badminton team, and human nature being what it is, the men will average more bangs with a smaller pool of horny women than the other way around. Usain Bolt might go through a whole box before crossing the finish line. (I wonder if he suffers from premature ejaculation?)

According to British rower Matthew Pinsent, the atmosphere in the Village is “intoxicating,” with “thousands of sportsmen at the peak of their strength.”

The Chinese might have to rename the Yellow Sea to the Milky White Sea.

“People are going out more and more. The judokas, who are already done, the swimmers,” the Mexican volleyballer said. “And there is one place that no one wants to miss, the Dutch House. That is definitely wild.”

Dutch women — sperm receptacles of the world.

One thing I’ve noticed about the female athletes is how most of them have narrow hips, small tits, wide waists, and broad shoulders. This is the classic tomboy build. Here is a good example (minus the overdeveloped delts):

little boy body with hot girl face.

Although she has inviting BJ lips, her waist-to-hip ratio is less hourglass and more cylindrical. She does not have a feminine body, but at least she’s slender. You can be sure a quarter will bounce sky-high off her ass. I see she has the perfect divot above her bellybutton to collect my man seed.

The tomboy is a product of nature; she was born with her androgenized body. The elite female athlete is a product of nature and nurture; her masculine build has been accentuated by rigorous training and, in many cases, by synthetic hormones designed to duplicate the attitude and physique of a man.

Androgenized girls naturally gravitate to athletics because of their higher testosterone and their mannish figures. This is why female athletics as a spectator sport are a joke. Women only reach the elite level by being born with masculine traits and training to look more like men. It’s like watching a competition of substandard men. The only thing that keeps the average sports fan tuned in is the occasional glimpse of the rare feminine hottie (see: Exhibit A).

The more womanly a woman, the less likely she will be a world class athlete that feminists and the mainstream media can hold up as a role model for young girls. This is the definition of ass backwards.  It is the womanly women who should be role models for young girls.


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