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What an alpha male can get away with:

A former Senator and vice-presidential candidate [John Edwards] misused campaign contributions and money pledged to fight poverty so he could bring his mistress on the campaign trail with him during the presidential campaign where he was constantly making appearances with his widely admired cancer stricken wife then fathered the mistress’s child sometime around the time he was getting a Father Of The Year Award and then asked his loyal aid who already has a wife and kids to falsely claim paternity while the fake dad and the mistress were funneled money so they could move to be near the mistress’s psychic healer friend while the former candidate continued to meet the mistress and baby until he was caught by tabloid reporters and hid in the bathroom and then confessed on national TV a couple of weeks later but both he and his wife continued to lie during that interview and in subsequent statements.

What a beta male can get away with:


Any questions?


Morality is elastic — the nature of the sinner matters. No surprise that his own wife lies for him. One wonders why there isn’t a separate ten commandments for alpha males?

The article from which the quote above was taken makes this prediction:

Elizabeth Splits : Elizabeth Edwards helped her husband lie to press and public about his affair so it’s hard to be shocked that he continued to lie to her about the affair, really. But how much can Elizabeth take? The People magazine story is step one in the almost inevitable process of Elizabeth Edwards having to make some kind of move away from John. Could be a separation, could be more statements about her shock and disappointment at new revelations. Either way, somethings got to give.

The Hilary Clinton Syndrome. How much can Elizabeth the Sad Sad Cancer Stricken Alpha Male Alibi take? Oh, I bet she can… and will… take a whole fucking lot. A giant steaming load of shit in her face over and over and over, and she will smile and suck it up until either the media avalanche forces her to concede or the bastard kid grows up and comes knocking on her door looking a lot like daddy and bedecked in lawyersuit chic and a pompadoured twinkly-eyed slimy smile to sue the holy living hell out of her family for child support backpayments because, you see, John Edwards Alpha Male is a worthy man. Worthy enough for her to stoically suffer in humiliation.

If she’s lucky, she’ll have succumbed to the cancer before that happens.

You don’t like that I say this? It gets your panties in a wad? Fuck you and your misplaced empathy. Fuck you and your phonyfuck indignation. Especially fuck you and your happy sappy shifting morality hands across humanity meek shall inherit the karmic magical moral comeuppance excuse mongering rationalizing hypocritical there but for the grace of no one but myself go I virtue on the cheap fantasyland pissant pawn of your selfish gene replicating cog in the bloodsoaked gears of the amoral universal machine bullshit. Stare into the gaping maw of the id monster motherfuckers because I am rubbing your face in its hot stinking breath.

John Edwards’ wife lies for him knowing he was fucking and impregnating a new age whore while she lay in a hospital bed with cancer.

Somewhere in America a dutiful beta husband was just served divorce papers and subsequent financial ruin for no reason he can discern except that he didn’t excite his wife’s loins anymore.

People sometimes ask why I so deliberately and unapologetically act in my own self-interest and take what I want.
Because I know the score.
And you should too.


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