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Think about some of the worst insults you could call a woman:


These words are powerful because they strike right at the thermal core of a woman’s self-conception — they are reputation-killing words, and in the shark-eat-shark waters of the sexual market a woman’s reputation can mean the difference between getting pumped and dumped by the man of her dreams and getting him to commit. The best way to get a man to propose marriage is to be a virgin.

Who deploys these words in vengeful anger and spiteful slander? Not men. For example, when men use the word “slut” it’s usually with their male buddies as an exercise in identifying the women most likely to put out on the first date. Men will almost never call a woman a slut to her face unless it’s a bitter, jilted ex-boyfriend looking to score points, nor will they tell the woman’s girlfriends that she is a slut. Why kill the loose goose that lays the golden lays?

Women use them against other women. It’s women whispering gossip and innuendo in the ears of whatever female node on their social network is willing to listen, subconsciously calculating that the souldiss will find its way to the intended target. Why do they do this? Because sluts, whores, and skanks make it harder for other girls to use sex as a bargaining chip to extract commitment from quality men and keep it once it is made. Sluts are traitors to the sisterhood, undermining the prime directive and making it more difficult for the commitment whores to get what they want.

It’s all supply and demand, and right now the supply is saturating the market (for qualified buyers).

Note that words like “cunt” and “bitch” don’t cut with the same eviscerating precision when used by women. A cunt or bitch can often be very sexy and still get what she wants from men. Calling a girl a cunt is most effective when wielded by men because disparaging a woman’s personality carries more weight when it comes from a man. For this reason, women (especially “tankgrrls” like the aging cougar brigade and sassy sister soldierettes you see infesting DC) co-opt cunt and bitch for themselves in a feeble and transparent attempt to neutralize the words of their explosive power.

The thermonuclear 1,000 megaton bomb of female-targeted insults is the word UGLY. It is so powerful you will rarely hear women use it against even their worst girl enemies, and most men are loathe to launch this verbal missile. It isn’t a misogynistic word since it is gender neutral, but given the double standards of human nature it doesn’t pack the same wallop when used against a man. Timing, context, and delivery are everything if you decide to detonate this MOAB.

The male equivalent is LOSER.


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