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March 2008 Comment Winner

From famed commenter Gannon, on my post Seven New Deadly Sins Quiz:

…my interest in prepubescent girls (and boys) is zero. Just like me, I prefer them with apple sized breasts, round asses, a nice bush of pubic hair and bleeding. Problem for you my friend is that girls 14 and above all have these features.

I agree with this comment. It is a fact of life that young teenage girls who have developed secondary sexual characteristics are desired by men of all ages, even 90 year olds. And these exquisite nymphets, in turn, desire older men for their power. These desires are natural, and frightening to the keepers of the order. They provoke the envy of the left behind, and so are condemned.

Would it shock to know that real love, genuine and sincere love, can spring forth from a relationship where lust is the motivator? To wit: Monica Lewinsky loved Bill Clinton, that is true. Look at the way she gazed at him with adoring eyes. But do you want to know something? I think it is likely he loved her in return. Moreso than he loved Hillary at any rate. It went beyond a one night fling. Theirs was a romance.

A man would throw everything away for two minutes with that ass wobble.


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