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Going Sexual

It’s a good idea to bring sex talk into the conversation with a girl sooner rather than later. Prying her brain wave patterns with thoughts of sexual scenarios while her attention is directed to you will anchor those pleasurable feelings to your presence. She will perceive you as a sexual man with a masculine crotch-centered aura.

Timing is important. If you’re too quick to go raunchy she’ll peg you as a creepy perv or overly eager to get in her pants.

Her: What do you think of the music in this place?

You: It’s not bad music to make sweet sweet love to.

Her: Um… ew?

That’s why you should never take a girl’s bait when she brings up sexual topics first. In actuality, she’s trying to smoke you out as a needy beta. Always tease a girl for talking about sex before the moment is right for it (i.e., before you and her have entered the lower-energy rapport stage when it is acceptable to engage in more intimate talk).

Her: I love it when a guy zorbits my boobs during sex!

You: Hey, thanks for the medical report!

At the opposite extreme, waiting too long to inject innuendo and playful sexual overtones into the conversation can cause a girl to wonder if you have eunuch issues. Men who aren’t comfortable bantering in a sexual way are often seen as asexual and timid lovers. When you finally do broach a sexual topic way too late in the interaction it will come across as desperately cloying and incongruent, similar to waiting until the end of a date to kiss a girl. As with physical touching, you’re better off slowly getting her accustomed to seeing you as a man who does not shrink from his manly desires.

Sexual talk usually arises organically from good vibing. A man and woman attracted to each other and left to their own devices will eventually drift into double entendre. There shouldn’t be a struggle to find a convenient excuse to share sexual thoughts. But in case there is, you could always take her to a venue that has props to help move the conversation in a sexual direction.


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