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Bad Sex

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It’s often the man who gets blamed for bad sex.

He came too fast.

He didn’t make me come.

He forgot about foreplay.

He wouldn’t go down on me.

In and out, roll off. That was it.

He never kisses me during sex.

All he knew was one position — doggy style. 

Women can be bad lays too, but when it’s the man’s fault there are two possible reasons for it. One, he was inexperienced. Women usually blame all bad sex on the inexperience and ineptitude of the man. This is a comforting thought for them, but the reality is that virginal incompetence accounts for very few poor sexual encounters. For every virgin clumsily popping his cherry there are 10,000 men with extensive sexual histories enjoying a romp in the sack. The second, and by far more frequent, reason for bad sex is that the woman wasn’t pretty enough to stimulate the man to answer the call of duty with enthusiasm. This reason — uninspired sex caused by female ugliness — is understandably disturbing for women to contemplate. There will never be a situation where one girl says to the other “He’s horrible in bed because you’re kinda gross-looking.”

If a woman wants an attentive lover she has to learn to settle so that whichever man she sleeps with is grateful to be there. Only this will guarantee lavish devotion to her sexual needs.

Betas who have managed the trick of getting laid regularly never veer off the path of least resistance. They are satisfied with subpar sex from girls who don’t push their limits. A man of discerning taste should make it a rule to pursue the choicest ass. He knows that phoning in unexciting sex with marginal girls will have a negative effect on his bedroom skills. His thrusting muscles will atrophy and his staying power will grow weak. His tepid loads will barely reach escape velocity. His knack for finding the location of the G spot will disappear. Soon, he will forget what it takes to drive a woman into ecstasy.

Then when the time comes to perform with a quality babe, he’ll stumble into his role unprepared and unsure of his abilities, like a declawed house cat abandoned to the wild.

Easy sex with mediocre girls also risks damaging a man’s self-confidence (though not as badly as involuntary celibacy would). He will begin to wonder if this is the best he can do. As an analogy, if you spend a few hours learning to play one simple song on a guitar and then play only that song over and over for months, you’ll slowly lose pride in your accomplishment.

Seducing a beautiful woman ensures you’ll give her maximum attention to detail in bed. The way to be a sex god is to have sex with women who motivate you to be a sex god. You’d be surprised at the depravity you’re capable of with the right girl. The hottest girl I ever slept with couldn’t stand up for an hour afterwards.

Keep yourself in fighting form. Let the betas hunt wounded prey. Alphas hunt the hunters.


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