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The Lawyer Vs the Nanny

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Here is a comparison of two girls I briefly dated.

Girl A

  • occasionally tossed out five dollar words like “antinomian”
  • never spoke about her job in detail or hinted that she liked it
  • talked more than once about the school she attended and about her father’s accomplishments
  • i paid for her drinks
  • noticed my brand of watch
  • smiled a lot
  • had artsy photographs hanging on her walls
  • on the way to my bedroom the first time she saw a pile of my dirty clothes on the floor and made a face
  • skipped foreplay, went straight to gatling gun-style jackhammer sex
  • assumed the doggy position unprompted

Girl B

  • liked to kiss more than talk
  • bought me drinks
  • made me dinner with a table setting of wine candles and flowers
  • never mentioned her father
  • was bilingual
  • took pictures with her digital camera and emailed them to me
  • on the way to my bedroom the first time she giggled as I carried her
  • much foreplay followed by lovemaking in front of a wall-length mirror where we watched ourselves
  • was married and hid it from me
  • said she loved me

Guess which girl was the six figure corporate lawyer and which was the nanny studying psychology part time at grad school.

I think it’s interesting how much of a girl’s personality and femininity I can predict based on her career.

A – lawyer.

Lawyers are way too calculating to say they love you after only a short while dating.


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