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A Critical Moment

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Everything was going right.  My game was tight.  She was responding with an everlasting feedback loop of positivity.  All smiles, all electrified touching on the legs, chest, arms.  Unforced laughter.  Whispers in ears as cheeks grazed.

A culmination in same night sex was within the realm of possibility.  I could practically taste it.

Then she pulled the classic last ditch stone cold shit test.

Using inviting body language, she welcomed a male interloper into our perfect night.  He dutifully took the bait and chatted her up.  She snapped her eye contact away from me and to him.  She laughed at his… what were they?… jokes?… no, she laughed at any old stupid thing he said.

He was in heaven.  Getting the girl AND sticking it to some chump who thought he had it in the bag.

But I knew better.  He was being used by her.  A compete tool in a skilled operator’s hands.  She just needed to know if I was strong enough to not get rattled.

About half the girls I have picked up have at some point attempted to pull this maneuver.  Club and bar girls are the worst offenders because it is so easy for them to recruit an all-too-willing male foil from the crowd.

It used to chasten me.

Now it charms me.

There is one way to handle this final shit test that is absolutely GUARANTEED to work every time — walk away.

First, chat up the guy in a friendly manner to show you are unaffected by his presence.  Stay for a few minutes.  Smile.  Then, leave, preferably right in the middle of something you were saying to both of them to maximize the impact of your exit.  Give no explanation or excuse.  Just walk away casually and confidently to another floor of the bar.

Can you walk away from a girl in whom you have invested three hours of seduction?

Literally 30 seconds later she joined me downstairs — by herself.

Test passed.

It was funny how compliant and eager to please she became after that.


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