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International Truth Day

– people will only turn against an alpha male when he attacks a weak woman
– it is open season on weak men who do not know their place.  attacking them will raise your status.  defending them will lower it
– total honesty can only be accomplished anonymously
– sexually attractive people can get away with more.  and they will have more willing apologists excusing their actions
– when confronted with uncomfortable truths, most people will resort to the “cultural conditioning” argument. it is fear of the unchangeable that motivates them
– when a woman praises a man it is more often given with the goal of changing his behavior
– when a man praise a woman it is more often given with the goal of earning her sexual favor
– status is everything; nearly everything in life is best understood through the prism of status wars
– there is a sexual market.  it operates under the same basic laws of supply and demand.
– marriage is no escape from the sexual market
– the sexual revolution benefited alpha males the most
– prostitution is dating minus self-serving rationalizations
– prostitutes and sluts undercut the only source of women’s power
– ‘crime causes poverty’ is truer than ‘poverty causes crime’
– young single women will always vote liberal as a rule.  big government is a husband and father substitute
– shame is a powerful motivator.  it is a dying art in the west
– alimony is ransom
– no-fault divorce is the poison in the well of the institution of marriage
– absent total war or economic meltdown, age of marriage will continue to rise, birthrates will continue to fall, and the percentage of the never-married will increase
– success comes to those whose desire is stronger than their fear
– uncontrolled jealousy is your worst enemy.  controlled jealousy your best ally.
– hate is as natural as love. like love, it’s most rewarding to throw yourself into it completely
– love can exist without fidelity
– make love when you can, because it is good
– lenin said it best: who? whom?
– proximity + diversity = war
– good people care more for the death of a pet than they do for 100,000 tsunami victims
– there is no meaning of life except to fuck.  it is utter pointlessness.  you are a machine designed to serve the interests of recombinant dna
– nerd = fat woman
– celibacy is living death
– effeminate men are detestable
– so are aggressive bitchy women
– the exceptions don’t make the rules
– we are animals
– hurting people is fun
– there’s no god
– there’s no soul
– there’s no karma
– we’re all going to die
– and it’s much later than you think



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