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Shades Of George Sodini

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Jared Lee Loughner wrote in an online gamer forum:

On May 5, he started a thread titled “Talk, Talk, Talking about Rejection.” He solicited stories of rejection by the opposite sex. The next day he wrote, “Its funny…when..they say lets go on a date about 3 times..and they dont….go…” Three days later, he wrote, “Its funny when your 60 wondering……what happen at 21.”

Color me shocked that another mass murdering male shooter has a history of sexual rejection. Obviously, being mentally deranged can hurt your chances with women, but constant sexual failure tends to reinforce the mental instability. It’s a vicious celibacy feedback loop.

Give some of these guys with mental issues the tools of game to successfully meet and date women, and the improvement in the unrelenting loneliness and sexual frustration they feel will help tame the beast. Loughner may not have been a candidate for Total Game Intervention, as his mental state — he likely pulled a genetic bad hand of paranoid schizophrenia — was too far gone from all accounts, but for society’s underbelly of men who still have some of their marbles a knowledge of game may go a ways to reducing the number of these horrific random mass shootings.

By the way, Filthy Lying Shitsack of the Month Award should go to Sheriff Dupnik, the craven cur who tried to deflect any potential media attention from evidence that he ignored death threats made by Loughner as a token of favoritism to Loughner’s mother, a county employee, by blaming conservative politicians and talk radio hosts.

Dupnik has blood on his hands, and he knows it. That is why he lies so recklessly and obstinately. When cornered, a stuck pig will lash out with a fury.


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