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Fat Or Not Fat?

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In one of my series of posts illustrating the (possibly racially adjustable) universality of men’s taste in women, reader Obsidian mentioned the name of a big booty model he found attractive as an anecdotal counterpoint to the observable reality that female beauty is objective and that men pretty much agree which women are hot. He also claimed most black men like himself would find his ideal big booty model attractive. She goes by the stage name of “Scarlett” and she looks Puerto Rican. Here is a photo:

I’m going to do something different in this post. Instead of asking everyone together to rank the tank in Scarlett’s janx, I will separate the vote tables into “Black Men”, “White Men”, “Asian Men” and “Women”. (I don’t have too many Hispanic readers. You border jumpers will have to choose white or asian.) This is a sociological experiment intended to demonstrate differences between men and women, and between men of different races, in how tolerant they are of chunks of love on a woman.

The voting:


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