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Why There Is A Gender Gap

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Take a look at these charts of ill portent:

Since about 1964, the gap between women and men in their identification with the Democrat Party and their Democrat voting patterns has been steadily increasing, with the increase especially pronounced starting in the mid 1990s. And as a friendly reminder, single women voted for Obama by a canyon-sized margin of 70%-29%.

There are a few predominant reasons for the gender gap, which I explained lucidly in this post. In short, women are voting more Democrat because the Democrat Party is the prime force for turning the government into the world’s biggest provider beta. From the time of the “sexual revolution” (which was really a “sexual devolution” back towards pre-agricultural mating norms when 80% of the women and 40% of the highest testosterone men reproduced) women have been more free to choose mating opportunities based on their gina tingles and the economic and social empowerment granted, respectively, by their pointless humanities degrees and the disintegration of traditional slut shaming mechanisms. The life of serial monogamy and alpha cock hopping has never been more attainable for the average American woman, and the result has been predictable: Women are substituting the beta males they no longer want or need for marriage with a Big Brother Daddy government to help them foot the child-raising bills that their PUA, drug running and serial killer lovers won’t.

Lest you’re tempted to blame the badboy bandits for not contributing their share, remember that women enter into relationships with these types of guys KNOWING FULL WELL they cannot be depended upon for support, and not even bothering to expect support from them. How often have you wondered why jilted women express more animus for their dumped betaboy child support and alimony paying lickspittles than for the irresponsible jerks who pump and dump them? Thanks to me, now you know why.

My gender gap theory can be refined even further, to get at the very heart of the issue, the fundamental law expressed in nearly every political trend of the past 40 years:

Maxim #66: As men are becoming ever bigger pussies and betas in their dealings with women, they are losing the leverage to shape and push women’s child-like and selfishly amoral political opinions in logical, just and long-term oriented directions.

Eventually, the world created by women will collapse, as all worlds built strictly on conceited, single-minded pragmatism utterly blind to the bigger picture must. The Democrat Party is merely the fool’s tool that fully emancipated women use to craft their poison utopia. As there are more women and joyriding alpha males than there are beta males, this collapse is inevitable, barring a violent revolution that discredits the philosophy of the voting booth.

Questions arise. Is it good for humanity if a socially enforced monogamous marriage system gives 90+% of men access to pussy and the replication of their genes? Had this been the case throughout prehistory, we modern humans might never have evolved. We are here in our present form because a majority of men (and some women) were denied, often cruelly, often tragically, a chance at reproduction. The sacrifice in blood and in psychological torment and emotional despair of countless distant ancestors was required to make us human as we now know it. We are living monuments to bloodshed and pain. Praise God and all His glorious works.

So while a mating system where 90% of men reproduce and are thus invested in the outcome of their society, and where women’s dangerously wild sexual and social impulses are partly constrained, has given us the pinnacle of civilization in the West and the East Asian lands, it may also contain the seed of its own demise. The widening gender gap is the canary in the coalmine; it is telling us that the final demise has arrived.


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