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Vision Of A Feminist Utopia

I will now present to you a vision of hell as dreamed up in the minds of the man-hating women who litter internet toilets like Feministing and who live in countries like Sweden, once proud nation of Viking warriors. This is what the world would look like if feminists had their way.

Men commit most of the criminal violence against women so it only makes sense according to feminists to tax them for the stress they place upon the social order by their existence. Think tanks (and I use the term loosely) in the USA are seriously considering this measure. Naturally, law-abiding beta males would contribute the most to this anti-man wealth redistribution scheme from men to women. I’m assuming as part of the deal to win passage of this tax real criminals would be let out of prison to ravish the feminists and impregnate them with their dangerously sexy seed.

  • Thought Crimes

Let’s face it: Hate crime legislation is really a Trojan Horse for thought crime laws. These kinds of laws will never be applied fairly or objectively. They will be targeted against men, particularly straight white men, and the ultimate purpose of such laws will be to break their spirits, just like Big Brother did. The justice system was fine before “hate crimes” when criminals were prosecuted for the hateful acts they committed, and not the truly grievous sin of thinking bad thoughts. By the way, I’m wishing Whoopi Goldberg gets run over by a bus. Lock me up!

Porn, the coming sexbot revolution (and it will be a revolution greater than the advent of the Pill, mark my words), and sweet foreign ass all achieve, directly and indirectly, to chip away at female sexual market power. More sexual choice for men means less mating choice prerogative for women. Feminists loathe the idea of men having freedom of choice in the sexual market.

  • Mandatory Castration for Crimes Against Women

If a man hits a woman during a domestic dispute, it’ll be straight to the snippity snip chair for him. Sounds implausible? Oh, my naive readers, you just lack imagination. Given complete freedom to mold the world in the way they see fit, I predict the majority of self-declared feminists would passively welcome this kind of draconian anti-male society. Sure, the beta males would bitch and moan, but who cares about them?

  • Rape = Death Penalty

Feminists are usually leftwingers who are against capital punishment, but they’ll make an exception for rapists. This includes “date rapes” where the girl and guy were drunk and banged one out on a grimy couch in a frat house and she regretted it the next morning, and he neglected to be responsible for her morning-after feelings before he funneled eight cans of Miller Lite. But don’t worry, feminists will still be against the death penalty for mass murderers as long as their targets are mostly other men.

  • Better Pay

Even though the supposed injustice of “equal pay” is a farce, feminists in a perfect feminist world won’t be happy with anything less than “better pay”. They will justify this as a reparations plan to rectify the pain and suffering women have had to endure at the hands of men for thousands of years. And they will insist that women deserve higher pay for the same work because they juggle career and family.

  • Legalized Polygamy

The soft polygamy that has metastasized throughout Western society since the sexual revolution will be codified in law. The West will slowly return to a primitive state of nature, where 60% of the men got no pussy at all. Eventually, the pendulum will swing back once basic infrastructure begins to crumble as the betas decide their services are no longer appreciated. The masterworks of beta cooperation will be a relic of the past.

  • Ban on DNA Paternity Testing

This is as good as done if countermeasures aren’t taken. There’s a reason feminists are beginning to advocate against paternity testing — the smarter ones among their ranks understand that it shifts the balance of power decidedly in favor of beta males. Feminists want to retain the privilege of cuckolding. It is a power too good to abdicate, because it offers complete freedom from compromise with men to pursue sex and resources in the way they want. Paternity testing will mean an end to fucking alphas on the side and tricking betas into footing the bill. It will mean women will have to be more responsible and forward-thinking, instead of blindly following their vaginas.

  • Sexual Harassment Laws Expanded

If you are an unacceptable male who looks one second too long at a woman you can be tried for sexual harassment. The penalties, of course, will be more severe. If you are an alpha male who can read women’s minds and know which women will welcome your advances, you are free to harass with impunity. The laws are meant to make the job of attracting alpha attention and shaming beta attention more convenient for women.


Don’t think for a minute feminists wouldn’t welcome this dystopian femicentric world where betas are utterly emasculated and serve only as goo fodder for women and the alpha males they’d fuck on a rotating basis. I used to think such a world was an impossibity, but Sweden is now requiring that their men sit to pee. It’s no longer in the realm of fantasy.


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