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Email #1

1. I find your comments on recent social/demographic changes (alphas and women rising, the return of quasi-polygamy) fascinating, as well as your additional theory that male birth control and sex robots will mitigate that trend.  [This] link supports your theory.

2. I sent you a very long email a while ago asking whether I should A. become a philosophy professor, where I would be alpha in a beta profession, doing something I am passionate about or B. stay in law (which I dislike) and try to save enough money to start a business that I am interested in, but not passionate about.  That would help me be a millionaire.  I never heard back from you.  Your opinion is very important to me, because the biggest thing preventing me from going to grad school (around age 30, finishing when I am around age 40) is concern that I will not attract women during my best window of opportunity.

3. In general, I would like to hear more commentary from you about wealth and attraction, the importance of having a “mission” or doing what you’re passionate about, and ways to increase testosterone (e.g. weight lifting).

4. I think no moderation of the comments is a good idea.  The amount of comments you get is staggering, and I think bodes very well for your book.

5. I can’t wait to hear more about your book.  But predator sluts is not a good title; it comes across too hostile and angry, like Ross Jeffries (btw what was with you repeatedly berating a woman in your comments about how she looks like she was hit over the head with a checkerboard—I can’t imagine George Clooney or Brad Pitt ever doing anything remotely close to that).


1. The biggest impact on the sexual market in the near future will be widely adopted paternity testing, of the mandatory and voluntary variety. The biggest impact in the far future will be realistic sexbots. Also, a first world economy where women leap ahead of men in education and income is unsustainable. As is a first world society where most children are raised by single mothers. A good rule of thumb: If you want to predict the impact a policy or cultural change will have on a nation’s people, take note of how badly that policy would fuck with the prime Darwinian directive. Because if there is one constant in this world — one absolute truth that cannot ever be changed and will always usurp the best laid lies of our “progressives” and elites — it is this: Sperm is cheap, eggs are expensive. All of humanity’s wonders you see around you flow from this essential and unalterable truth.

2. Philosophy professor. Not only will you be happier (which will redound to your success with women) but you will be working in a context (high status within an academic hierarchy) that will open untold avenues of hot young poon to you. See: ‘Elegy’. Remember, status is more important than money. Money is just one tool among many for the acquisition of status. Of course, as with all efforts to grab the brass ring, there is an element of risk. If you aren’t in the top tier of philosophy professors, you may not get a job at all. Only you can judge whether a cushy tenureship is attainable with your abilities.

3. There are many nose-to-the-grindstone lawyers who spend their youth making partner. Then the money comes. Then the hot wife with socially approved educational credentials comes. And all is good. Until the divorce. There are also many starving artists, amateur photographers, freewheeling bloggers, and night owl bartenders who will go to their graves having been fucked and loved by 10 times the number of hot women than our law partner. Moral of the story: Passion, self-centeredness, aloofness, and confidence trump ordinary wealth nine times out of ten. It may even trump the extraordinary wealth of the billionaires’ club. As for weightlifting, do it. Throwing around iron will boost your confidence major, and quicker than anything else you do. Weightlifting should be like brushing your teeth; it’s a habit you will do until the day you die.

4. No moderation it is. Unless an angry ex happens to find the blog. But I’m not too worried about that, as I have amassed a closet full of blackmail material.

5. ‘Predator Sluts’ was a working title. It sounds hostile but it also catches attention. The other working title is ‘Tears of the Meaty Intrusion’. Regarding G. Clooney, the thrill of sadistic torment is not for everyone.

Email #2

From the comments:

As for hating weddings… we, and all your readers get it.  You’ve almost got me convinced to completely stay away from marriage, but I also wonder what life would be like at 60 alone.  A few thoughts

– Maybe I’m single.
– Maybe I have a live-in girlfriend (For less then 10 years from what I understand to not be considered common law marriage)
– Maybe I have an adopted child
– Maybe I have a biological child, maybe with said live-in girlfriend, but not likely
– At least one family member or friend I am close to has gotten a divorce
– You don’t have a marriage that may or may not be rocky
– You don’t have an existing divorce/child custody battles/child support payments/your finances wrecked
– You didn’t get to actually try out married life to see if you like it (raising children, dual income for nicer lifestyle, sharing household/child rearing duties)

He’s has suggested filling his needs with prostitutes and tequila, or something along those lines.  At 60?  Not buying it.  That can’t be much of a happy life.  This is wear pretty lies die, and that’s the only pretty lie I’ve our host decree.

richmond bachelor

There’s nothing stopping a man from having long term unmarried relationships well into his dotage. The great advantage of being a man is that you can date progressively younger women, relative to your age, as you get older. So at 40 you can bang (on average) 22-32 year olds. At 50 you have the pool of women in their 30s open to you. At 60 you can get a woman in her late 30s to mid 40s.

Of course, after a certain age — 60, usually, and depending on the man’s physical condition — the women you can get will all be past their expiration dates, tragic victims of the wall, so you will likely not find too many of your available prospects sexually attractive. This is where scotch and prostitutes fill the void. Assuming your sex drive is still strong at an advanced age (and if present is prologue, I’ll be sporting mourning wood in the casket) you can have your sexually unattractive but compatible aging girlfriend for companionship while getting your manly needs met with hookers and sweet single malt. No worries, at 65 you’ll have your pick of aging women with sparkling personalities to read the morning paper with you and go on long walks in the evenings.

Email #3

i would be interested in purchasing a PDF or just a Word file of your blog so far (that is unless you plan on publishing your writings).

I worry about internet sites vanishing over time and your stuff is pretty top notch.


a NY italian american in south korea

Hey paesan! Bad news. I have nothing archived, so if WordPress goes, so goes the oeuvre. Like an assassin in the night.

Email #4

I seem to have stumbled upon the holy grail of romantic situations. Or have I?

Eight months ago, I met a super fine girl through a friend, then I invited her out a week later and brought her back to my place to hookup. Then we had sex two days later…without a condom.

Her boyfriend at the time was private contracting in Afghanistan for the moment, but he returned home two weeks later…oh did I forget to mention that they lived TOGETHER?

After a few months of her working her ass off to earn my respect (including moving into her own apartment, breaking up with the ex, and proving herself to me), I had her become my girlfriend. She met my family, we hung out a lot, I integrated her into my friends. We even said I love you.

But it wasn’t love, we just really like to fuck. Sexual chemistry has always been amazing…mostly because she craves my cock and I find her stunning. Yesterday, she changed the course of our relationship forever.

She works full time, goes to school full time, and lives 35 minutes away from me. We had a long conversation, starting with her asking, “do you feel like you’re spending enough time with me?” to her saying, “I want to keep you in my life, but I don’t want to feel the guilt from your expectations of me being a full time girlfriend.”

Here’s the agreement:
1. We are no longer boyfriend/girlfriend
2. Since she is so busy, we will see each other once a week.
3. She doesn’t love me, but when she sees me, she gets horny for me.
4. I can date other girls as much as I want, as long as I use a condom with the other girls.
5. She remains exclusive to me.

It looks like the relationship is coming to an end…instead of breaking up, we’ll just fuck until one of us stops calling.

On top of that, she also agreed to lose her anal virginity to me and take it up the butt.

I’m more confused than anything…should I see this as a victory and go forth to spread my seed?


A consistent amoral nihilist would say full speed ahead; if there is a moral imperative it rests with the woman who chose to cheat on her boyfriend deployed in a war zone defending the country in which she has the luxury of cheating free from consequence. But an aesthete would tell you that raw dogging the cheating whore of a man assisting the US Army in war is bad form. The nihilist and the aesthete in me are at odds. This is an unresolvable conflict, so I will defer instead to pragmatic reasoning — it’s probably not a smart play to boff a woman living with a guy who regularly handles high powered weaponry and has been trained in the art of remorseless killing.

As for your situation, when she said:

“I want to keep you in my life, but I don’t want to feel the guilt from your expectations of me being a full time girlfriend.”

you needed to pull back, which it sounds like you did from what you wrote. She was basically telling you in typical twisted femspeak: “You’re a great fuck but not boyfriend material”. The reasons you aren’t boyfriend material don’t matter, although it can be surmised that you playing the role of the “other man” forever poisoned your chances with her as something more than a thrill fuck. When women wantonly cheat, as your woman did when she agreed to condomless sex, they usually do it for the seed, not the security. When she said she loved you, she was probably lying. This is a blow to your ego I’m sure, but efforts to move her feelings closer to your own will only backfire. Remember, this is a girl who cheated, recklessly, on her live-in boyfriend stationed overseas getting shot at by rabid enemies. She is a whore of poor character, and you should be clear-headed enough — alpha enough — to avoid wanting any deeper entanglement with her. Treat her like the disposable hole she is. It’s what she wants.

So this is how I would rearrange your “whore’s agreement” with her:

1. You were never her boyfriend. You are her pimp.
2. You may or may not see her ever again, let alone once a week. She will abide your timetable, not hers.
3. You will never make love to her. You will fuck her. 90% of the time she will be in the doggy position.
4. You *will* date other girls, and you will lie to her that you used a condom.
5. Don’t count on it.

Your victory cums in doing what you please and refusing to play her marionette. When that last fuck arrives, and it will, don’t be surprised if it is the best lay you’ve ever had.


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