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Deter Naturalist corners the shitlb enviro about his betrayal of his claimed principles.

In the 1970’s endless ink was spilled about running out of landfill space and paving North America. Then the globalists bought off the Sierra Club


and suddenly America’s 200 million people needed to swell to 335 million and “who gives a shit about landfills?”

For decades Americans were conditioned to lightly use the products carried from China, et. al. to America by thousands and thousands of huge container ships, and then to LANDFILL THEM, all so a few families could reap the riches of kings by whoresaling & retailing all that cheap junk.

That’s what Aztecs represent; just more North American shoppers on the ship/consumer/landfill conveyor belt.

There’s a whole lot of folks (behind this) who need to be compositing in those pits.

Tree huggers used to rant and rave about bursting, bulging landfills. Remember the single-teared Indian (really an Italian)? Rage against the dump is what propelled the recycling movement.

But now? “How dare you, racist! How absolutely dare you not welcome one billion third world refugees to come here and grow our economy landfills!”

I wonder if the Green New Deal has anything to say about open borders directly contradicting its stated goal of improving the environment? AOC? Hello? Anyone home?

Every time a shitlib virtue signals about open borders, I just say America was a great place to live with half the people she has now and a 90% White super-majority. Shitlibs don’t have an answer to that, so they sputter and fume about “Jim Crow”, their universal rhetorical playpen for any rogue discussion that doesn’t fluff their premises.


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