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Jennifer Garner (entering her Skeletor years) featured on the cover of People’s Most Beautiful 2019 Issue.

From Inglenook Hampendick,

Bitch is pushing 50. What the fuck is this, foisting off these post-fertile celebs as “most beautiful”? I mean, a quarter of a century ago, she was hot, but now, if you put her in the middle of any college town nightclub, she’d be invisible. And didn’t this same mag have Anniston as one of their picks recently, too?

I call this “yass-lighting”, to describe the gaslighting that the Yass, queen! crowd tries to shove into the public consciousness.

People magazine is a premier regurgitator of Globohomo agitprop. People wants the world to believe in something patently false: that aging starlets with angular manjaws and aggressive attitudes are paragons of feminine allure. We are supposed to believe that 50 year old ex-beauties are as beautiful as they were at 22.


Well, one reason is that Globohomo foot soldiers don’t like immutable laws of nature.

Another reason is that globohomoists are in an active war against Truth and Beauty. Defeating those pillars of the cosmic order will demoralize their ancient enemy, The Chad and Betty. Nothing is quite as humiliating as genuflecting before an obvious lie to avoid social opprobrium.

NordicGoats adds,

I’m sure the age of their “most beautiful” tracks nicely with the age of their staff. Magazines are dead or dying and even journalism majors know not to start their career in magazines these days.

LMAO. You know it. The catlady broads running these legacy media outlets into the ground are riding a wave of delusion that they won’t get off until it’s Open Mockery Season again in America.

Young women may mouth the platitudes, but they know the score.

And men don’t read People.

So it’s the catladies and their gay besties who are the primary imbibers of yass, queen horse shit.


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