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I won’t blow boggy peat up your kilts, boys. Short, grossly fat, and ugly men (SFUs) will have a tougher go of it in the dating market…all else equal.

Game — learned charisma — can improve the lot of the male SFUs, but only by so much. The non-famous equivalent of Danny De Vito might vault from dating 2s to dating 3s with the help of Game. Not that that’s anything to cavalierly dismiss. When you’re a thirsty man, sipping from bird-dropping collection water instead of toxic sewage will feel like a tall cool glass of mountain spring.

There is a dazzling exception.

A male SFU can overcome his SMV handicap with sheer, stupid self-confidence.


The average man doesn’t have nearly the requisite self-confidence to pick up plain janes with ease, let alone to pick up hotties with effort.

The average SFU man has even less self-confidence, so what I write in this post is, for all practical purposes, theoretical.

But it’s a theory which a few, exceptional men prove correct, and I’ve seen them in action too often to dispel the theory out of hand.

The physically unimpressive man can overcome girls’ insta-rejections with an approach that is so stupidly confident in tenor, technique, and attitude that one could say it borders on psychotically narcissistic.

But chicks do dig narcissistic men.

A stupid-confident man can, on the approach and during the first minute of interaction, cause a girl to “reset” her mate appraisal mechanism.

You can shock a girl into a new frame of perception with supremely stupid self-confidence.

Literally shock and awe her hamster until the wheel spins in the opposite direction.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Short, weird-looking men boldly stride into the personal space of hard 9s. I watched George Costanzas oblivious to their own ugliness glitter like Casanovas near the Clamburger Gate. All those moments will be etched in mind, like tingles untamed.

You can be an alpha persuader, or a beta provider, or both (a neat trick), but you won’t master women until you’ve first mastered your self-doubt.

Where there is no doubt, there is a dripping vaj spout.

Summon your inner sociopath, and no physical handicap will prevent your destiny with womanizing.


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