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The Blackest Of Pills

This is the blackest pill I’ve come across in the past two years, and that’s saying something.

1984 is the appetizer. Brave New World is the poisoned entree.

Reuters/Ipsos polling discredited itself in the lead-up to the 2016 election, so take what they report here with a flat of salt.

However, those Globohomo-approved numbers are so daunting it leaves dissidents like myself to wonder just what it will take before normie Americans wake up to the rapidly growing threat from a Corporate-Government alliance against nationalism and free thinkers. We can’t just mutter “GIGO” with such a lop-sided result.

I’ll repost some good comments from AE’s Unz outpost.


The introduction in Neil Postman’s “Amusing Ourselves to Death” (the original into, not the one by his son) lays out the premise of his book with an apt comparison of the Orwell v. Huxley future.

A future that indeed seems to make his circa 80’s book quite prescient in its thesis that it will be our own distractions, pleasures, and self-absorption that will be our undoing; that by feeding our base drives and pleasure-seeking and avoidance of discomfort, while surrounded by abundance unmatched in history, we will enslave ourselves. Thus making much of the brute force of Orwellian totalitarianism unnecessary. Though unnecessary doesn’t mean it won’t happen as well.

I can’t paste the text. Perhaps someone else will. Its a book largely focused on media in the TV era but holds up quite well in our techie media world. Which is telling.

Michael S:

I believe it was originally CH that referred to this as “Ing-soma”. It seems like a little bit of both. The censorship and oppression and constant rewriting of history is obscene and dehumanizing, but most normies are too blissed out on cheap gadgets, fast food and porn to notice or care.

Indeed, it was I who coined Ingsoma.


The logical conclusion of the reigning ideology pushed by our tech lords.

I love my fat queer brown body!

More from Anon[170]:

People who say the ‘left’ is in power are totally delusional.

The classic left is gone. This is the ‘left’ that is left: A degenerate joke.

The real power is with Special supremacist, globo-homo capitalist-imperialist oligarchy. Big Tech Oligarchs hire SJW types to go after Alt Right and Dissident Right. (And Big Money uses whore politicians to shut down BDS and Palestinians.) These ‘leftists’ are all minions.

The real power is neo-imperialist and elite-narcissist. With a ‘left’ dumb as this, Big Money has nothing to worry about. All they need to do is yell, ‘Nazi’, and these SJW-NPC types bark at some fictional enemy without ever noticing that they’re dogs of the oligarchs.

“Dogs of the Oligarchs”. Your next Great American Novel title.


Perception of Social Media, favorable/unfavorable does not exclude specific user gripes. Your links demonstrate this. Facebook – only 50% favorability. Somewhat favorable isn’t the same thing. Facebook only 30%. Try the same test with Unz readers, Unz members. As much as some of us dislike the political bias of big tech, few of us could live without them. Just look at Gab. Freedom and speech and all that. Why don’t any of us use it?

I hate to say it, but the reason Gab has a relatively tiny user base compared to Twatter et al is precisely because most people don’t want to participate in a free speech free-for-all. Or they can’t handle it without having an emotional breakdown.

People want soothing platitudes.

They aren’t called the ugly truths for nothing.

(However, I predict Gab’s popularity grows with increasing political discontent in America, as more normies are sucked into the pre-Civil War 2 slipstream.)


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