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Trump mistakenly tweets millions dead in Sri Lanka explosions on Easter Sunday


TRUMP trolls H0l0cost, says millions killed in CHURCH explosions on Easter Sunday  “attacks on churches and hotels that have killed at least 138 million people and badly injured 600 more”

Shitlib media wouldn’t have reported attacks on churches if he didn’t make a mistake in tweet.

Good point. In fact, moslem suicide bombers did blow up a number of Sri Lanka Churches and the death toll is currently over 200. Western media so far appears unwilling to cover the story with the same eagerness and thoroughness it covered the Dylann Roof church shooting. Imagine that!

Did Trump make a typo? I think it’s a good chance Trump knew what he was doing when he added “million” to his tweet. He knew US media would pounce to “correct the record” which would force them to cover the story they have studiously avoided covering in much detail.

Reade S.K.,

It is exceedingly rare for Trump to make an actual mistake in his communications. I read that he dictates them, including punctuation, to be posted verbatim.

If that “typo” was intentional, it was a brilliant piece of rhetorical ju jitsu.

PS The best account on Twatter (version 5.0):


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