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The Chick Herd Is Agitated

Riffing on the news story about Ivanka Trump going to Africa to dance with the natives like a virtue supplicating idiot, Dawg wrote,

Sorry dudes I gotta blame us, you see the chick herd is in an unsettled state and when the heifers and cows are unsettled shit gets real, real stupid, real quick. They want a herd bull to settle em.

No joke, as an over-arching theory explaining the insanity currently roiling the shattered minds of xenophilic Western White wahmen, this one by Dawg is better than most I’ve read.

The heifers and cows are in a tizzy because their world is falling apart around them, their men are retreating into porn and effeminacy, their nation is taking on the quality of a random equatorial shithole, and they are being asked to wear the pants in this extended family we call America.

We’re gonna need a bigger bull.


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