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The Gray Pill

Ralph Stanley, on Trump, Trump lovers, and Trump haters.

I appreciate redarmyvodka’s comment. Ultimately, Spencer et al’s endless negativity is a serious liability to all of us.

Trump has been excellent on judges. Had 2016 gone to Hillary, the Supreme Court would look now like a conference of women’s college basketball coaches (angry, motivated dyk3s).

I disagree, however, that Trump has made the presidency appear strong. If anything, we see the weakness in this office now: your underlings ignore your orders, disobey them, or leak dirt on you to a hostile press. One Circuit Court can block your momentum at any given moment. A vast Deep State comprised of traitorous, bureaucratic lifers is literally plotting your demise. Your own party stabs you in the back. The list of obstacles goes on.

It’s critical for us to criticize Trump for wavering on MAGA — redarmyvodka fails to address the H1B visa betrayal — but he is the best weapon we have right now. Better to keep the pressure on him than to complain impotently on blogs and podcasts about how MAGA is done.

Ralph’s take on Trump is closest to mine. I’m taking the Gray Pill, neither ungratefully pessimistic nor deludedly optimistic. Trump was our best choice, and that choice has shown its limitations.

For the reason Ralph gave, I find it hard to lay much blame for the MAGA stall-out (and in parts, reversal) at Trump’s feet. Trump has proved the Presidency is only as strong as the bureaucracy behind it. The bureaucracy is left-wing to the max, and has been for decades. If you’re wondering why Trump is stymied but establishment stooges like W and anti-White communists like gaymulatto can get things done (and worse, sic arms of the Deep State on American citizens, as obama did when he ordered IRS attack dogs to target Tea Party members), it’s because the State apparatus (the Swamp) is full of leftoids who are sympatico with some or all of those presidents’ agendas.

Trump came into office promising a wrecking ball to the Swamp; he — or at least his agenda — is antagonistic to the Swamp’s worldview, and so he has been thwarted every step of the way. There’s nothing the Administrative State and Trump can find commonality on, so the past two years have been marked by Trump proposing something “radical”, and the Swamp burying his proposal in the muck.

Trump himself deserves criticism, if only to remind him what he ran on, because it has become obvious that without that criticism he is liable to drift off into lame-o Jeb Bush-style boomercuckery. Maybe it’s a “blink three times rapidly, if you’re under duress” MIGA situation, or maybe it’s falling T levels, or maybe it’s Trump simply reverting to what he’s always been — a Reaganite — and falling in love with the cucky idea that he can win praise for saying shit like “I want more LEGAL immigrants to grow the economy!”. We don’t have enough info to say for sure, but whichever the explanation, the outcome is indisputable: No Wall, No Deportations, No Immigration Restriction Reform, and oh yeah what happened to that infrastructure bill?


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