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I’ve debunked most of the lies posted here but I can’t create a new series of posts for all the drivel otherwise I’d be online all day/night. Most people are simply stupid and uninformed despite being bombarded with information. That’s okay though international political economy is a complex topic requiring specialist type knowledge to know what’s real and what’s bullshit. The short version is Trump never claimed to be a WN nor did he promise socialism for white trash.

Don’t use that term here. One warning.

We’re basically going back to the year 1998 which is a massive improvement compared to the current era. The long version is below.

It’s very frustrating to know Trump is WINNING on all fronts but people on our side just gobble up fake news all day and yes both the left/right engage in fake news and these media Brahmans really do mind control/mind fuck simple plebs. I’m going to repeat what I’ve written elsewhere online.
I’ve tried to convey previously here that there is a major class divide among Trump supporters. If you’re well off or a little bit older the reality of modern America hasn’t hit you from the shit economy, open borders, shit schools, high crime, and shit culture which began under Dubya. These trends were local/regional at first but accelerated under Obama becoming national. The strongest Trump supporters have experienced this first hand but those who live in places like California are literally on the front lines. What you call weak platitudes we call revolutionary because Trump is the first major politician to discuss these issues openly and forcefully. I also don’t agree that all politicians are the same and deliver nothing. There are major differences in US administrations it’s not all a con game and there were major turning points in US history as well like the presidential elections of 1860 and 1960 as well as the presidential elections of 2000 and 2015/2016. Those big pivots are getting closer and closer because we’re living in a much more political age.

I understand some have to be “independent” which is part of their brand but Trump is delivering on all the major issues and we’re barely two years into his presidency. A charismatic, politically astute, media savvy, multi-billionaire like Trump had president written all over him and represents an opportunity never again to be repeated.

The government is not just the legislature hell that’s actually the weakest and worst branch of government only useful for hearings and little else. The executive branch is a whole another ball game especially in an era where power has been massively centralized. The president is the head of the White House, CIA, Pentagon, NSC, FBI, Department of Justice, State Department, the numerous other major US executive branch agencies, makes federal appointments, and represents the United States internationally. The president controls one of the biggest military juggernauts in world history and controls a massive police state terror apparatus as well. The presidency is the prize desired by all be more grateful that we have it and will dominate it for at least a decade and hopefully more if MAGA is to be achieved

So what’s with the constant negativity? Do you idiots realize you’re jeopardizing all of our achievements? Either you’re controlled opposition or just plain dumb. Either way it’s becoming clear Trump’s old coalition is falling apart. This is directed to anyone who erroneously believes Trump hasn’t achieved anything or cucks who think Donald The Great is a Mr. Magoo. Many of you don’t appear to understand how the executive branch even works. I’m going to repeat what I’ve written at other sites and blogs. Most of what Trump critics say isn’t true or is only half true and in many cases they’re proven anti-Trump ideologues. I’ve suspected most anti-Trump critics on the left and the right are simply well off enough not to be effected by the reality of modern America.

I agree that not prosecuting Hillary was a mistake but that was caused by his idiot daughter and her friendship with Chelsea. It was that same softness for his daughter that cost Trump the first general election debate as well. I’ve long been a critic of Ivanka for the record and it appears our enemies finally found Trump’s one weakness which was his daughter and her cuck husband.
Trump crushed the left, right, center, and mainstream media in 2015/2016 winning a revolution. Trump no doubt failed at appointments and firing general Flynn who was chief of staff material was the worst mistake of the Trump presidency as it legitimized the Russian collusion hoax, encouraged more illegal leaks, and enabled all sorts of traitors, careerists, saboteurs, and malcontents into the halls of power. The first five months of the Trump administration were bad but the second half of 2017 was great and it felt like we were on the offensive again. From the Battle of Berkeley to Charlottesville we’ve been kicking ass on the streets and winning in DC. Some appointments even proved out to be excellent like at Treasury and Defense as well as chief of staff John Kelly who froze out lots of people including Ivanka and Kushner. 2018 has been a mixed year but we retained control of the senate even expanding our domination of the upper chamber and more importantly we have a much more pro-Trump GOP now.

Where are you people getting the idea that Trump isn’t delivering on his agenda? From a do nothing, chattering class, failure socialite like Richard Spencer? The mainstream media including the so called “conservative media” is anti-Trump. It’s also the nature of the media to engage in hype, controversy, negativity, and hysteria even when things are going well like in the 1990s. The alternative media/new media is pro-Trump but anyone with major reach and mainstream influence is being suppressed, defunded, delisted, deplatformed, and censored by Silicon Valley. I think a united front is important because the fight is far from over.

The truth is Trump perhaps unlike any president before him is enacting reform/change from improving the economy, fighting crime, changing trade policy, securing the border, combating illegal immigration, and much more. Even anti-trust enforcement is being seriously discussed for the first time in a long time. These sorts of things send signals across society as well prompting more change. That may not seem like a big deal as it’s “part of the job” but literally nothing was being done for sixteen years on any issue of importance. Things had just been getting worse since 2001 onward with a few minor reprieves. Obama may have talked a good game but put little to no effort into fixing anything yet Trump has achieved more in two years than his two predecessors did in their entire terms.

Even at the local level I’ve seen major improvements since Trump became president and its only the far left publications which openly acknowledge the reign of terror he’s unleashed on “people of color, undocumented immigrants, civil rights activists, criminal justice reformers, and welfare recipients”. They also frame a better economy for all as “tax cuts for the rich” and its only a “matter of time” until it ends but I can read between the lines.
Our side which I mean nationalists/populists must support Trump. Race realism of any kind is only possible on the right and that’s been true for decades going back to the GOP’s southern strategy. Clinton/Gore may have been the exception but SJW politics have a long history in Democratic circles. Cuckservatvism is a relatively new phenomena and has been strongly rebuked at least by the grassroots.

Spencer and other doofuses in the alt-right were once deemed ideal leaders for the movement but that flopped badly and many have since distanced themselves from them but they were never true Trump supporters. Their support or lack there of is dependent on the news cycle and the latest headlines. Serious people, organizations, and governments don’t change their views on the whims of the agenda driven press.
Beyond Spencer my second guess for all the cynicism would be Ann Coulter. The last president to seriously oppose illegal immigration was Bill Clinton and she despised him. She shilled hard for a lot of bad stuff over the years/decades and only began to talk demographics after 2012. She also dates negros and people like Dinesh Tandoori so I’d hardly call her credible. Trump promised to build the wall in his first term and as far as I’m aware that’s a work in progress. He’s even shut down the federal government to secure funds for the wall which step by step is reaching the sufficient threshold.

For people who love the news many here don’t seem to know much about what’s going on and its significance. The Trump administration is taking anti-trust seriously and has actively opposed the AT&T takeover of Time Warner. They lost the case but they’ve appealed it and the message is clear the Trump DOJ is going to be aggressive on these issues. They’ve also rejected net neutrality and worked to preserve a free and open internet delivering a major blow to Silicon Valley by putting the future in the hands of the telecom industry which created the high speed connections, wireless networks, undersea cables, and digital platforms that enable the communications revolution not search engine providers and tech companies like Google. Nevertheless taking on the largest and wealthiest corporations in America like Google who have an army of high priced lawyers on their payroll also requires an ironclad anti-trust case and those take years to build.
Trump has stopped the US government’s war on coal and other cheap and legitimate forms of energy. Trump is slashing regulations and cutting taxes two major economic successes while squeezing states like California whose tax rates actually went up significantly. Rich liberals can no longer exempt themselves from the massive taxes they impose on the middle class. Threats by the Trump administration against foreign governments have also denied Hollywood lucrative funding and reduced their cash flow. The Trump administration has also launched major police sweeps and massively cracked down on pedophile rings/religious cults a large number of which are in liberal areas and southern California in particular. Trump has also broken the Negro Felon League (NFL) de-legitimizing the organization and wakening up boomer cucks and GOP types to the nonsensical children’s game they worship.

Again for many who discuss government and public affairs you don’t seem to know much about the US executive branch. The president is the chief law enforcement officer of the nation, commander in chief of the armed forces, and he represents the United States internationally. The Department of Justice, security bureaucracy, and the FBI are under his control. Trump is basically a policeman he doesn’t have legislative powers to massively curtail legal immigration. He can only combat illegal immigration and slow legal immigration which he is successfully doing. His attorney general Jeff Sessions was basically as far as white nationalism can go in mainstream and respectable circles. He certainly unleashed a reign of terror I’m sorry to see him go and I’m concerned if the success will continue under a new AG but so far so good.

The inauguration day protestors may have gotten off but many were fired from their jobs, suffered the stress of legal proceedings, and have had their records ruined. Antifa has also been labeled a domestic terror organization and the media no longer openly celebrates them for fear of being prosecuted as accessories. More progress needs to occur here and if anyone is protecting them within the DOJ its deputy director Rod Rosenstein the phony conservative who attempted to launch a coup against Trump and has been directing the Mueller witch hunt/coup attempt as well. I’m shocked he still hasn’t been fired but hopefully a new AG will clean up the department.
On the foreign policy front can you point to anything Trump has done that is excessively deferential toward Israel and not in line with long standing US history? All I can think of are tearing up the Iran deal which was likely dependent on having a war in Syria. Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem is simply recognizing the reality that there will be no Palestinian state but that ship already sailed long ago. Saudi Arabia likely has the best leader in its history who much like Trump is a reformer and has purged all the pro-Bush, pro-Clintion, and pro-Obama elements from the halls of power in Saudi Arabia. MBS is smeared relentlessly in the press because he is a powerful and effective Trump ally.

For the first time in history Trump met with the leader of North Korea paving the way for diplomatic recognition and a formal end to the Korean War. I agree that American-Russian relations have not improved as much as I would have hoped but the US was always a sea based power in contrast to the land based power like Russia. Conflict of some sort no matter how small was inevitable yet despite that Trump has done the best he could and I continue to remain supportive. As of a few weeks ago Trump has pulled US forces out of Syria in a major step forward with Russia. I’m neutral on Venezuela because Latin America is the United States backyard where the US has home field advantage and regime change talk excites boomer types and the Venezuelan exile community which may be necessary to win Florida in 2020.
All in all the majority and especially the productive forces of society are satisfied with the Trump candidacy/presidency which has delivered on its promises and again proves the masses know more than the DC/Manhattan chattering classes and their wannabes in the blogging world.
I’d like to add that I think Jeff Sessions was a great attorney general obviously not against the swamp but in terms of going after dangerous criminals, illegal aliens, sanctuary cities/states, drug offenders, and people of color. He also paid generous settlements to victims of IRS abuse and launched discrimination lawsuits against institutions like Harvard. Sessions admires the US federal government and didn’t want to destroy the law enforcement juggernaut he controlled for practical reasons. It’s also better for a presidency to move forward and not look backward. I also agree with his perspective that a major problem in modern America is that we’ve had too many overly political attorney generals.

Sessions was a in a tough spot in regards to the swamp he obviously made lots of friends, colleagues, and associates over the years/decades. As attorney general he faced opposition from within the Department of Justice, opposition from Congress including the GOP, opposition from the courts, and opposition from the mainstream media. He agreed to recuse himself on the Russian collusion hoax because it’s not a hill he wanted to die on but he did make it clear he wouldn’t tolerate illegal leaks and established a special unit within the DOJ to investigate/prosecute any and all leakers. The leaks basically stopped after that.

Trump made it clear if the special counsel went after his family and business he would terminate Mueller. The cunning snake has skirted around that targeting people and entities close to Trump but not too close. The House Intelligence committee has been running a parallel investigation to the Mueller special counsel and Trump has allowed his allies in Congress especially congressman Devin Nunes to expose the massive corruption, fraud, and criminality in the halls of power. What happens next in this high stakes tango dance remains to be seen.
I suspect 2019 will be a make or break year for the Trump presidency leading into 2020. MAGA is not a one term project it will require a minimum of two terms and likely then some with a worthy successor.

I get it most of you don’t care about truth, justice, history, and law but are more interested in the latest headlines, whose up/whose down, what’s trendy, and the latest talking points. In other words you’re conservative SWPL. I’ve also observed a sharp age/class divide among Trump supporters. Trump’s biggest supporters are people in their early 30’s and younger. You know people who never saw good government, low crime, good schools, secure borders, and a good economy during much of their lives.
As for the wall Trump has already delivered in a legal sense. His administration has tightened asylum laws making illegal aliens wait on Mexican territory as their cases are processed in America and given the litigation backlog they’ll likely never enter the United States and simply give up and return home. A physical wall is necessary and coming but the legal wall is perhaps much more powerful.
Trump’s new attorney general pick is just as good as Jeff Sessions if not better and he’s been endorsed by Florida attorney general and blond babe Pam Bondi.

I’m a Trump supporter in fact I’ve been a Trump supporter from the beginning even before the beginning and throughout 2015/2016 I remained faithful all the way to victory night. I remain supportive into the present. Not many Trump supporters are like me even some pretty conservative people began cucking during the Access Hollywood tape. The same weakness and defeat I saw early on and near the end of the campaign is the same weakness I see now. I’ll take a mercenary like Sean Hannity over most part time Trump supporters.
I’ve written a blog part time before and I know hard it is to come up with material and maintain reader interest. Imagine having a regular schedule and multiple hours of programming content. Yikes. I’d have to engage in fake news and endless negativity all day as well.

That said I agree Nikki Haley was a terrible choice for UN envoy and she was a never Trumper as well but she’s been fired now albeit quietly and on positive terms. The state department was another problem but Rex Tillerson wasn’t THAT bad he dismissed/fired dozens of career people in Trump’s earliest days in office ridding the department of entrenched opposition. Trump loyalist Mike Pompeo has now taken charge of the organization. He’s the same bulldog who headed the CIA and got them under control for the president. John Bolton like him or hate him is another powerful and effective Trump loyalist/ally hence his position in the white house.
Lots of prominent never Trump people have been removed from the halls of power via termination or retirement both in the executive branch and congress. The senate in particular was a major thorn in our side because they also oversee appointments. Now we have a staunchly pro-Trump GOP controlled senate. This is important because Trump can’t afford to antagonize his GOP allies on capital hill.

There have been many nationalist/populist victories domestically and especially internationally which may not be something you’re interested in but Trump has sparked a world revolution of sorts. I agree there is a deliberate attempt to isolate Trump from allies and deprive his supporters of power. That’s why the president is appointing a new attorney general one who shares and in some ways pioneered Jeff Sessions worldview but can also bring a swift end to the Mueller coup attempt.

Giuliani is also a valuable asset to the Trump White House. Most lawyers are soft and intellectual types more interested in preserving their reputation with the BAR and attending cocktail parties than serving their clients including the president. Rudy is the right man to serve at the president’s side together with Miller, Mike Pence, and other GOP factions in the white house.
If anyone is interested in a source of information that is beyond the alt-light but not quite alt-right occupying a very interesting middle ground simply following the facts where they go much like myself check out a guy called Trump Mafia and his sister channel Truth Syndicate on YouTube.


Update; The Mueller coup attempt has been defeated and now Trump can turn the tables on his deep state enemies or he can focus more on delivering on his major promises. Both are necessary but if I had to pick one I’d choose the latter.

Presented without additional comment.


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