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Trump has gotten reelection campaign advice from Javanka and other GOPe cucks to go to war against “socialism”. This will be a losing strategy. We’re not living in the Reagan era anymore. If Trump’s election didn’t prove that Reagan 2.0 is a non-starter, I don’t know what will convince these sentimental cornball cucks.

Mark my words, if Trump merges with the Uniparty establishment and embraces globalist Javankaism, the Americans who voted him into office to take on a bitterly malicious elite will switch allegiance to a HARD LEFTOID SOCIALIST to get the job done.

So if you don’t want a HARD LEFTOID SOCIALIST ANTI-WHITE BIGOT in the White House, then let Trump know he’s running out of time to be the man we elected him to be for us.

I haven’t given up on Trump, despite recent (and justified) criticism. The question that will define the next year and a half is whether Trump can recapture that MAGA magic. I remain hopeful, but guarded.

So here are my thoughts on the message Trump needs to craft and the policies he needs to offer if he wants to win a second term. *cracks knuckles*

You know how the pussygrab tape didn’t matter to Trump’s supporters?

Well guess what, Bernard Sanders’ million bucks and socialist hypocrisy won’t matter to his supporters.

Banging that drum will fall on deaf ears.

The only thing that will matter is Trump hewing to his MAGA promises and stealing some of that socialist thunder from Sanders.

And yes, I know that Trump was deliberately misconstrued over the pussygrab stuff, but the optics and media manipulation of context are the only things that matter.

Railing against socialism is a losing proposition. Like it or not, America is entering a new phase of the Turchin cycle when socialist solutions become acceptable to the majority of the population to address growing wealth and SES inequality. Couple this with the hordes of less capable Diversity™ corrupting the electoral map, and redistributive socialism in some form beyond where it’s already at is inevitable.

My preference is that a leader from my side harnesses this wave of corrective socialism, instead of leaving it in the hands of an anti-White POC or [special candidate] (but I repeat myself).

Consider socialism to be the trade-off Trump must make to get a closed border and legal immigration restrictions. Socialist policies can be reversed at a later date; demographic change is forever.

Nationalism, populism, socialism, pick any three.

Zman adds,

There’s also the fact that America has been a social democracy for close to a century now. Mostly what the Right in America has done since WW2 is perpetuate a fantasy that is not based in fact. Just about every aspect of American life is socialized to some degree.

There is no area of American life where the state does not play an active role and there is no redistributive goal of their involvement. The core of both parties, both sides of the ruling class, is packed to the gills with central planners. Their only dispute is about the resulting patronage.

I hope Trump reads this post. It would do him far more good than listening to Judas Kushner or Ivanka. I want Trump to succeed, but not if he insists on being another lame-ass ¡Jeb!.

Right now, the country and the Trump Administration are at a crossroads. This is a moment as pregnant with anticipation as was the moment Trump descended the golden escalator and the moment he won the election. We stare down a future of redemption, or of Trump slowly, tragically, slipping away as a mere headliner for the main act to come. Which way, Trump?

When I’m feeling optimistic:

Trump sidelines Javanka, consults Bannon through backchannels, reinvigorates immigration hardline policies and offers his own version of single payer healthcare and debt jubilee to capture Berniephag voter base.

When I’m feeling pessimistic:

Trump continues racing away from MAGA, embracing Javankaism, doing nothing substantive, appeasing cucks, snarking about socialism on Twatter, until four months before the election when he’s down in the polls and decides that’s a good time to invade North Korea.

The final nail in Trump’s coffin will occur when Bernie pivots to steal Trump’s White male Rust Belt support. If Bernard Sanderstein has his “Sista Soulja” moment and says, on Foxman News, that he has had a refinement of his views on open borders and now believes, like he once did, that it’s better for the wages and prospects of America’s working class if the border is closed…and Trump stays his current, uninspired course…then Bernard will run away with it in 2020.

If you doubt my power of prescience, remember that I threw my lot in with Trump in June 2015 on a strong hunch he would sweep the field. I have a hunch now, not quite as strong, that Bernard is on the cusp of taking the White House from Trump.


PS SCB on the case for why Bernard will never get close to the WH:

Welp, another great one banned by the bindis at Twatter. Here’s what SCB wrote,

This is why Bernie types will never win. The Democratic Party isn’t a leftwing party. It’s the party of ethnic narcissists and affluent whites. https://t.co/peTtgJwSkE

PPS My sanity litmus test for a fellow American is a simple one. Are you busy working for groups which resettle third world filth into heartland America? You’re insane.

PPPS Don’t misunderstand. I’m not a socialist. I think socialism is a harbinger of civdeath, and socialist fervor among the populace intensifies (as it passes through cycles of waning and waxing enthusiasm) the closer a nation gets to the terminus of its life cycle.

PPPPS Shitlibs are deluding themselves and interpreting Trump’s statement (see below) as a tacit admission of guilt, but it’s obvious from the context (and from what has transpired) that Trump rightfully worried a special council would bog down his presidency until he was completely neutered (which has largely happened). Trump knew his innocence was irrelevant, because the objective of a special council — especially one triggered by a soft coup based on a false pretext — is political delegitimization.

Trump said, when hearing of the Mueller Report:

“Oh my God! This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency, I’m fucked!” word for word quote from Donald Trump in the Mueller Report.

It’s time for Trump to go on offense. Put these Creep Staters in the docket and make them answer for their crimes against America. Investigate the shit out of the provenance of the FISA warrants. Coup accomplices must be punished, publicly, to prevent this happening again.

PPPPPS It turns out the Swamp is left-wing.

We learn something we already knew every day!


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