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From anonymous, a worthy COTW winner,

The other day I was explaining to my son what Easter is actually about. How Jesus came to earth to be the ultimate sacrifice for all of us as before, the specials used to sacrifice an animal, or a person, to atone for their sins. However, some special people found that his teachings were hurting their business so they killed him. My son, who is 8, asked me a question, “Wouldn’t God be more mad at the specials for killing an innocent animal or a person instead of just asking to be forgiven?”


From the mouths of babes comes truth and this explains a lot about the curse that the specials live under, but I digress.

This got me thinking about how Jesus is a good example of how to disrupt an economically powerful majority.

We Heritage Americans are afraid. Afraid to speak up, afraid to stand up because if we do, there is a megaton of economic weaponry aimed at taking everything we have and putting us on the street.

We already see this in action with the mass demonetizations of Gaypal and Chosen bank customers who have been identified as thought criminals.

Here’s the thing. When Jesus found disciples there was one rule – they had to walk away from everything else. As a young man I always thought this was ridiculous – what sort of man would leave behind his family, friends and business? It is only now that I understand. When you walk away from all that, then there is nothing your enemies can take away from you except your life and that is the most defensible position.

Perhaps more Heritage Americans need to understand that all this shit we think is so important – a career, a shitty condo, a car you make payments on are not things we should worry about losing, they are the yokes that keep us afraid to speak and live the truth.

Acts, Chapter 2 vs 44-45 – “And all that believed were together, and had all things common; And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.”

The specials know that the average man is a slave to his own image of himself which is a garish reflection of his debt bondage. All that we “have” is not ours anyway as it can be taken away at any time.

When you have nothing to lose, then you can truly walk in the light.

Peace be unto you.

It’ll come down to a choice:

Either Heritage Americans walk away from all that, or all that will be taken from them.

And by then, it will be too late.

My suggestion, to start feeling like your own man again: connect with the earth. Get in the dirt. Feel it run through your fingers. Gaze at the sky. Lose yourself in the forest. Admire the stars on a still night.

These are the things you’ll miss when your run has come to its end. Not the cars, condos, cubicles, or Clitflix vids.

To disrupt an entrenched, corrupt establishment, you must first disrupt yourself.


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