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Macron The Quisling

Not fake.

There isn’t a satirist alive who could skewer Clown World better than Clown World already skewers itself.

Understand what Maricon does here. He knows the native stock French are fed up with the Diversity™ and he knows the Notre Dame fire steels hearts against the invading horde. His using this incendiary language right at the moment his subjects are inflamed with nationalist passion is a deliberate provocation: Macron rubs his Globohomo depravity in the faces of White Frenchmen, and pushes their noses into the filth.

This is humiliation porn for globalist traitors like Maricon. That’s all it is. Immediately returning, without a hint of shame, to the “diversity is our strength” mantra in the wake of a powerful symbol of the failings of multiracial diversity is nothing less than a flexing of Globohomo power meant to intimidate White Frenchmen to cower before their New World Disorder.

It is to say that even when your most cherished civilizational masterpieces are burned to the ground, you have no recourse to stop globalism and to restore the cohesion of your nation. In your moment of greatest indignation and moral justification, you still must bend the knees to your effete Globohomo masters and take the diseased cock of their nightmare dystopia.

When you realize that every minute of every day your elites are engaged in active demoralization campaigns against you and yours, you begin to stop caring what they have to say…and to start thinking of new ways forward, and through them.


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