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For a long time, a super majority of Americans opposed increased immigration.

And yet, they got it, good and hard, against their wishes.


Support for increasing immigration was flat and low for decades until around 2000, when it slowly rose among cucks and shot upward among Democortezes.

Support among Whites:

Wow. Amazing to think that as recently as 1995, less than 5% of Whites OF ANY POLITICAL AFFILIATION supported open borders.

So…what the fuck happened?

First, note that a majority of White Americans STILL oppose open borders, even in this age of runaway virtue sniveling. Don’t let the insular chaimstream media gaslight you.

Second, the slow increase in open borders support began during Dumbya’s first term, just around the time of 9/11.

This makes no sense until you consider that a proper virtue signal needs a self-discrediting calamity to signal against. Whites in happy homogeneous nations don’t conspicuously virtue signal until there is Diversity in place to start the sanctimony feedback loop. It isn’t until status-striving Whites have a little misbehaving Diversity to exploit as props that they begin to posture against “racist” Whites who bitterly cling to outmoded concepts like wisdom and common sense.

9/11 wasn’t a wake up call; it was a woke up call. The worst of the White race — the benighted, self-righteous universalists — received a lesson from 9/11 that was the precise opposite of the obvious lesson intended. Instead of limiting the invasion of the types of people who plan, cheer, or otherwise excuse gross atrocities against Westerners, White shitlibs took it as an opportunity to “welcome” more of them here, just so they could ham-fistedly sneer about their elevated moral worldview.

Viewed this way, it’s not a surprise, then, that moslem migration to the US in the fifteen years AFTER 9/11 was HIGHER than moslem migration before 9/11. The Runaway Virtue Signal Train was hitting its straightaway stride.

Between the early 2000s and now, open borders hysteria and border denialism among Whites have steadily increased. It really increased in Dubya’s second term (a result of the constant cuckservative agitprop about “religion of peace” and “hard working mexicans”?). There was a faint pause in the rise of open borders support when gaymulatto was elected in 2008 (“What have I done” White anxiety?), but then it shot up again during the remainder of the gaymulatto years, most pronounced among White shitlibs. By the end of obama’s 2nd term, White cucks and moderates were having second thoughts about open borders, but White Dems…they were gonna ride their nation-wrecking religion right to the End Times.

Then Trump altered the cosmic balance.

A disturbance in the force rocked the White shitlib self-regard. In response, the White shitlibs’ stated (as opposed to revealed) preference for open borders skyrocketed, and now sits close to 60% support. Moderates and conservatives also began to show increased support for open borders during this time, but still at very low numbers overall (<25%).

Don’t be disheartened, patriots. What you see is the death rattle of a wheezing Equalist religion on the cusp of total refutation. The body fights hard right before the moment of death, refusing at the very end, in one mighty spasm, to relinquish itself. Trump was the mortal blow to the reigning orthodoxy of Equalism; his symbology dwarfs that of any recent president. White shitlibs now had their Sith Lord against which to virtue signal like they have never virtue signaled before, and they let it rip with a fury, knowing someplace deep inside themselves that this was the last hurrah for the primacy of their distorted moral framework.

Cucks and moderates got caught up in the hysteria, as well, and one must marvel that they aren’t more converged given the weight of media propaganda and State repression aimed at dissidents to Globohomo doctrine. I am filled with optimism that non-shitlib Whites retain so much sanity in the face of what must be history’s largest gaslighting campaign.

Bottom line: don’t expect those rising trend lines in support of open borders to continue much longer. We may be at, or near, Peak Virtue Signal, and when the bubble bursts on this hyper-inflated market the crash will be, in a word, spectacular.

PS The fact that the American public was dead-set against open borders for decades, but got open borders anyway, is proof that we are ruled by a malevolent elite and avaricious oligarchy that does what it wants and mocks our quaint attachment to “democracy”.


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