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A Warning, But From Whom?

If God wanted to send a symbolic warning of the West burning, this would be it.

Or maybe it was a warning from the invaders and their cabal sponsors, to the effect of, “We’re here, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us taking command of your countries, retconning your history, and razing your monuments”.

Either interpretation doesn’t bode well for native Westerners.

The White West was the spire of humanity. It has fallen.

We’ll rebuild from the ashes, but first, there is the long overdue separation from the corrupted facsimile of the West that holds us back. It’s time to let go of what we have become.


Not that you would know this from watching chaimstream media news, but there has been a rash of cathedral and church burnings throughout France. One month ago, the second largest church in Paris, the Sulpice, burned. It was instantly memory-holed as an “accident”.

(Shepard Smith of Fairy News actually cut off a French official who tried to tell his viewers that there have been numerous Churches desecrated in France.)


Laugh it up, vibrants, it’s all getting stored to memory.


Twenty minutes into a fire at Notre Dame Cathedral one week before Easter and the French “authorities” said it was caused by a construction restoration accident.

Whenever they frantically rush out the pat Globohomo-preserving excuse that can’t possibly have been the result of thorough investigation, your suspicions should be raised.

It could be an accident, but if I had to put money on it…

You can even see the [head scarf], so this is proof there is NFW this was an “industrial accident.”

UPDATE: We know now there were no construction workers on site, and fire brigade wears bright red. This is a M*slim saboteur.

I ripped the original source, and uploaded it to YouTube:


In islam, it is forbidden and considered a sin to contribute towards the construction of a church. In fact, it is their duty to destroy churches and replace them with mosques.

Who are the workers at Notre Dame?

I predict we will never get an answer to that question, and any intrepid reporter who dares to investigate will somehow find himself smeared by Globohomo media apparatchiks.


Sallust eloquently reminds us of the material and symbolic loss of the Notre Dame fire,

In terms of material culture, the loss of Notre Dame is the biggest hit the West has taken in my lifetime. I can think of nothing destroyed in World War II that compares with it. Taking the long view, today’s loss ranks with the burning of the Library of Alexandria. Yet FoxNews is hosting a Bernie Sanders town hall; Lou Dobbs is talking about flags on the side of police cars in Laguna Hills; and the lead story on National Review is another piece of petty partisan crap by David French about Ihlan Omar. I have seen way too many stories in the European media–published with no apparent sense of self-reflective irony–about how the cathedral has been saved because–although its internal supports, its roof, its spiritual artwork, its interior, and its spire reaching up to heaven have all been destroyed–its facade (so well known to the tourists!) still stands. Is it any wonder that those who do not appreciate or even understand the fruits of our civilization are unwilling to defend the peoples and the lands that gave birth to that civilization?

Men have lost connection to God and purpose.

Women have lost connection to men and their own femininity.

Children have lost connection to their parents.

Families have lost connection to their relatives.

Neighbors have lost connection to each other.

Countryside has lost connection to towns, which have lost connection to cities.

And Westerners have lost connection to their ancestors.

The unraveling of Western greatness is a story of disconnection. Of a Great Severing.


Zman writes of the by now banal double standard which applies to the defilement of White glories,

Imagine instead of a masterpiece of Western civilization, it was a mosque or a synagogue that caught fire and burned to the ground. Big tech would already be de-platforming all of us. The EU would rush through laws banning us from the public space.

Instead we’re going to get a week of stories about how accidents happen.

*Whites utterly dispossessed from their homelands*
“Ah, well, accidents happen!”

I would bet that the crews working on the Notre Dame Cathedral were mostly immigrants. Probably Tunisians and Algerians. The few French working the project would have spent their time making sure the Algerians and Tunisians did not try to kill one another.

The price of cheap labor is your heritage.

J.R. quips,

Any sufficiently retarded immigration policy is indistinguishable from terrorism.

the best case scenario is that the fire wasn’t set on purpose, it’s just that all the @r@bs and @fric@ns doing the work were so stupid, lazy, and indifferent to quality and safety standards that it caught fire anyway.

There’s frequently some animus inherent in gross incompetence, especially when the mercenary laborers are so alien to their employers. Yeah, an african “left” a lit cig on the floor, and that will be recorded in the books as an “accidental fire” but there would have been a callous disregard motivating that “accident”.

When one small church in rural France burns, “accident” is a plausible cause.

When a hundred churches and cathedrals all over France and particularly in its biggest city, Paris, burn during Christendom’s holiest weeks, ya gotta start thinking something other than a series of “accidents” are responsible.

PS Some indie news outlets are reporting that Macron ordered that half the work force on the Notre Dame restoration should be Middle East migrants. I can’t vouch for that bit of news, but honestly would anyone here doubt it?

PPS On a hopeful note, the Cross in the center of the Cathedral was untouched:


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