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The soytoff at that snarky website thinks our swole Chad won’t get any takers, but he has no understanding. I predict OopsMyTracksuitPants will swim in snapper in no time.

Righteous Disqualification Game recognized!

This is how you spark girls’ curiosity. You judge them. If you allow a girl to judge you, she will always judge punitively. If you instead flip the script and judge a girl, she will judge you favorably because she is psychologically groomed by her investment into pleasing you to consider you higher value than if you were trying to please her.

Also, it’s just good policy to put single mommies, mudsharks, and gold diggers on notice.


TheGopnik comments,

Saw this over at the Daily Mail, the usual comments are as expected , “he’s gay” , “look how short he is” etc, usual snarky feminist responses and soyboys “apologising on behalf of all men” . The only positive comment in the top 100 was “Why are people having a go at him? Tinder is equally full of pathetic women with similar requirements. The women asking for men’s salaries, height, with six packs etc”

Western culture is so lost, debased, and deluded that basic Game concepts have become revolutionary tracts and punishable thought crimes.

It’s hard to believe the Anglo sexual market has gotten WORSE since the advent of Game and realtalk blogs like this one, but one has to accept that the market for pretty lies is much larger than the market for ugly truths. Only exceptional men and women find their way to the Chateau.


Feral Sigma presents his old school Craigslist Personals Game:

‘Bout five years ago, I posted this ad on craigslist personals. It was the only ad I ever posted that got a decent number of responses. Of course, it was taken down eventually by the censors:

Seriously, don’t open this ad….

Well, it looks like you opened the ad. That was stupid. But you can still save yourself by not responding to it.

I’m a SWM, 39, with bipolar schizoaffective disorder. I own several guns and even sleep with one in the bed at night. I hoard ammunition. I pace the floor muttering to myself. I have been declared insane by the state of Arizona and involuntarily committed. I have also been in jail more times than I can remember. I am a life member of the Gun Owners of America, which is the gun lobby for people who think that the NRA is not extreme enough. I think that the black helicopters are going to come and take me away any minute now. I have not had a steady job in over ten years.

You don’t want a man like me in your life. You don’t need a man like me in your life. But you’re going to respond to this ad anyway, even after having been warned, aren’t you? Because, after all, you opened it after having been warned, didn’t you?

Can’t wait to hear from you. Bye for now…

This is classic Self-Disqualification Game aka Be A Challenge (and be a little bit clever).


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