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Tough Love Wins

An extremely online wag posted this photo of a Trump supporter:

I sort of feel bad for how I replied.


A lady chastised me.

Now. Now. I giggled myself, at first. I must confess. However, she is a @POTUS and #Q Supporter! It matters NOT her looks OR her size! Right? She’s on the right side of history!

Well, to be honest, it DOES matter.

Our Q gal is on the right side, and that is admirable, but the fatness has to go. It indicates low self-esteem and poor character.
Think of me as a shepherd to a wayward flock. I want my flock to survive, to BE BEST, and that means being in good shape.
For the aesthetics.
For the self-worth.
For the physicality which will be needed in the coming holy war for the soul of America.
When I survey my army of Heritage Americans, I want to see warriors.
Only then will I know they are ready to join the battle.

Tough love wins.


Pence is such a cuck. He besmirched the men in the other three pics with that last pic.


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