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fyi how did they fight back? they turned lezbo? GGTOW


Buttigieg, Booker, Beto

Only one of these men is comfortable with who he is.


Inner Hajnal vs Outer Hajnal


More Don Jr, less Ivanka, thank you very much.


Anyone who thinks swpl shitlibs have let go of their russia hoax fantasy needs to hang out with a representative sample of them. All they’ve done is pivot to garbage hour CTs like “the Deutsche Bank records are coming! That’ll stop drumphggh!”

It would be funny if it wasn’t pathetic.


I heard an interview with some Federal Reserve guy Trump just hired. The dude was basically a globalist free trader, shitting all over the idea of trump’s tariffs.

Tell me again why Trump hires people who conspicuously and loudly disagree with his campaign agenda?

I don’t think Trump was flim flamming us during the campaign, so I don’t believe he’s knowingly hiring these globalist stooges.

I think Trump is either too lazy to vet anyone, or he’s getting misinformation from traitors within his administration.

If personnel is policy, Trump has gimped himself in a big way. Here’s to hoping Bolsonaro — a man who knows a thing or two about cleaning house — gave Trump some advice during his visit to the WH.


Controlled opposition is BY FAR more dangerous to a revolutionary movement than any enemy could hope to be.

Enemies rage and threaten, and in so doing gird us for battle.

Controlled oppo (see: lil’ benny shapiro) gently and subversively release the pressure valve on our righteous rage, persuading the more weak-willed among us that kumbaya is still in the cards.

The Boomercuck is already disposed to fall in love with race-blind creedalism of the sort mouthed banally by shapiro, et al. The great mass of cucked normies WANTS TO BELIEVE in those quaint [specially]-weaponized nostrums, so just when you’ve dragged the cuck close to the edge of wokeness, the Kosher Nostra pulls him right back into his comfy cuddle zone.


92% of Biracial Children Born to Black Fathers Are Out of Wedlock; 82% on Welfare (link)


Remember when I said a vicious pathogen could cull r-selected, high disgust threshold shitlibs, opening the way for a new dawn of civilizational greatness?

The Worst Disease Ever Recorded


Broke: Black Pill

Woke: Rage Pill


My Rude Word is reaching the flock.

If white people disappear, freedom, liberty and real social justice all disappear along with them. It is no coincidence these rights & concepts shrink from state law and social life at a proportionate rate to the shrinking demographic of whites.


Spicy meme:


If, after all this Deep State subterfuge is exposed, gaymulatto goes down in an orange jumpsuit, I will do the happy dance of a million Snoopy’s.


Two submissions for Best Opening Line in the next Great American Novel.

First, Microchip.

she already looks like fucking dog shit, just wait until she’s 35 with 23 *****r children, she’s done

Second, BostonDave.

I dated an ugly Chinese girl in college. She gave great head and we ate at Chinese food restaurants that only had Mandarin menu’s.

I would keep the bad punctuation.


Alex Of-UncoloredBoyfriend is a loudmouthed bar skank with delusions of grandeur way out of proportion to her actual ability. She’s lucky she has Soros and a subversive brahmin feeding her a script. 100% TRUEFACT


James Woods for God Emperor

Sorry, Rev. We are never “working together” with these treacherous scum again. They drew first blood for no other reason than their besotted “queen” didn’t get “her turn.” We won’t stop til every single one of them is behind bars. Every. Single. One. https://t.co/7I2QPVw8oO

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) March 25, 2019


Catladies are unleashing gun confiscation across the Anglosphere. This won’t begin or end well.

Take this and multiply it by 1 million. That’s what you’ll get in the U.S. if the government tries to force confiscation. The lives put in jeopardy, citizen and law enforcement alike, will be on a scale that is literally unimaginable. pic.twitter.com/rpGLULa43d

— PhilThatRemains (@philthatremains) March 28, 2019

The murder of this man is laid squarely at the feet of Prime Catlady Jacinda Ardern.


“as a grown ass person”
This is a college professor.
Let that sink in.


Spicy meme, redux:


The female rationalization hamster made it into Urban Dictionary.

No credit was given to this blog. *sniff*


This is what #Brimming looks like:


Is this so hard?


“Asylum seekers” will never go back. That was never the intent of Globohomo “asylum” laws. The intent is and was always to bring these shitholies here and keep them here.


I predicted right after Trump’s Inauguration that Javanka would be his Achilles’ Heel. My prescience is looking reliable now.


There should be a contest to determine which challahwood creampuff is most divergent IRL from his on-screen characters. De Zero and Chris Evans are neck and neck in the running.


If Trump

– closes the border

– builds the wall

– introduces some form of single payer health insurance or expanded Medicare

…he will coast to victory in 2020.

So far, he hasn’t done any of these things.

If you hate the idea of fixing healthcare with a socialist solution, think of the last one as the price to pay to get the first two. The Rust Belt is not (yet) fully racinated. Give them the single payer, and get implicit Whiteness leading to explicit Whiteness in return (at least for four more years). We should be thinking in terms of buying Heritage America more time, instead of Instant Victory.


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