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Inflected Gibberish Game

A reader introduces the CH audience to Inflected Gibberish Game.

Really no point to this story but I thought it was entertaining.

I was at a math conference when I was in college and I was drinking coffee. Nothing special about the coffee except it was in a wine glass. For whatever reason they didn’t have coffee cups at the event.

Trés sophisticated!

So, some old dinosaur of a math professor asked what I was drinking. I told him, “I just woke up from a nap so I needed some coffee, even though caffeine has quite an adverse effect on me.”

I hope your pinky was extended when you said that.

He said, “Oh, I thought you were drinking brandy.”

And I said, “That has more of an adverse effect on me.”

That’s really small but there was a woman nearby who lit up. She said, “You’re such a bullshitter!”

I responded to her in Spanish, even though I don’t speak it at all.

I just spoke in a Spanish accent while speaking gibberish.

Her and I ended up fucking that night.

Thats all

OK I may as well confess, and risk a couple of girls connecting a couple of dots from a confluence of a couple of oddly aligning circumstances.

I’ve done this Fake Foreign Language gimmick with chicks, and it’s a legitimate tingle amplifier.

Girl shits tests me, (i.e., gets sassy and flirty), and I mimic a French accent and pretend to speak French in over-the-top nonsensical Frenchified dialect, (while dropping in a raunchy English word or two).

“Oui oui Madame, HAW HAW HAW zee amour parlez vous au bon pain….eeeeehh how vous say….GI-ANT….COCKAS….un gay paree…..”

The less sense you make, the wider a girl’s pussy lips part. If she’s figuring you out, she’s flooding her sprog spout.


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