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Tucker Carlson For President

Tucker might be the last public figure on the Right with any balls. Read on for proof of testes.

We’re deep in the era of despotic left-wing gotcha whorenalists digging through old radio programming to find quotes that can be used to de-person enemies of Globohomo. Media Matters — currently run by a huge flamer and also currently violating the law by acting as a political consultant for the Dems, which is illegal for 501(c)s to do — tried to shut down Tucker Carlson’s show by reporting on some funny stuff Tucker said during radio call-ins to the Bubba the Love Sponge show.

(It makes sense for guys like Bubba and Howard Stern to hide that material from prying whorenalists. People would stop doing interviews with any of these shock jocks if they thought it would come back to bite them ten years later.)

Some choice excerpts from these unearthed gold-plated Tuckerviews:

But Canada’s a solid place with good-looking women and good fishing. We should invade.


I swear to God, yes I did [have a speaking gig canceled in Canada] because of that. […] Because I called them our retarded cousins.


Everybody knows that Barack Obama would still be in the state Senate in Illinois if he were White. […] Come on, let’s be real here.

100% TRUEFACT. You think that vapid shell entity gaymulatto would have gotten anywhere near the White House as a White man? HA not a chance. But white shitlibs hate hearing this, because it reminds them that they voted for the guy based on his race, because he was their redemptive POC.

BUBBA THE LOVE SPONGE: Tuck, do you like coming on with us? ‘Cuase I like you. I mean, I’m not trying to ph@g out on you or nothing, but I like you. I like you.

CARLSON: Well, I like you too, and I mean that. You always say, “I mean that in a non-ph@g way,” but I actually mean it in a completely ph@ggot way.

Tucker comes across like a normal man with healthy T levels.

So a bunch of pansy leftoids at Media Matters are paying interns to trawl through this stuff to find anything that might make advertisers flee and Tuck apologize.

But you CAN’T CUCK THE TUCK. Our man has refused to apologize and is taking the fight right back to shitlibs.

In his fiery monologue addressing the coordinated hit job, Tucker called Brian “penishead” Stelter of CNN a “house eunuch” and a “Zucker puppet”.

I would vote for this man.

The current hate speech hysteria gripping the left half of the country has nothing to do with the truth. In fact, the truth is a helpful guide post to what the Left considers hateful speech. The more truthful, the more leftoids want to SHUT IT DOWN.

Leftist freaks think Carlson’s bawdy truth bombs will change the country if allowed to continue.

Since when did old-fashioned bro humor change the course of a country?
Oh yeah.
Since the country became full of hysterical cunts.

The lunatic, fear-mongering, spittle-flecked, totalitarian outrage of the Left is all the reason you need to keep pushing their buttons and speaking Truth to Globohomo Power.

PS Here’s Ace of Spades on the attempted silencing of the Tucker.

Whenever there’s a Witch Hunt ginned up on Twitter, started by the left against someone on the right, it will be about five minutes before the most vigorous virtue signalers on the “right” begin boosting the left’s signal and acting as even more zealous enforcers of made-up leftist rules than the left itself is. […]

Tucker says they’re like Trustees in a prison — prisoners themselves, but offered special perks and privileges for watching over their fellow prisoners and reporting back to their wardens.

The Maul-Right will achieve so much with the cucks’ knives out of our backs and the battlefield in clear view.


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